Daily Mail

Editorial: DAILY MAIL COMMENT: This is Brussels at its most mind-boggling
-The Queen ‘backs Brexit’: Her Majesty reported to have revealed Eurosceptic views to former Deputy PM Nick Clegg at lunch during last parliament

-Turkey refugee deal ‘is ILLEGAL’: UN Human rights groups warn that collective expulsion of foreigners is banned under international law

-Lord Lawson accuses Bank of England Governor of warning against Brexit to ‘please George Osborne and guarantee himself a lucrative job with Goldman Sachs’


The Express

Editorial: Government must be able to monitor terror suspects, says Stephen Pollard

-Brexit email that told staff to support stance was a ‘cock-up’, admits Boris Johnson



Financial Times

Editorial: Europe’s last chance to resolve the migrant crisis

-Welfare reform: Merthyr Tydfil struggles but shows signs of life

-Carney supports Cameron’s deal with Brussels

-Buyout groups say Britain should stay in EU


The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on Europe and the economy: size isn’t everything

-Queen’s Brexit rant never happened, says Nick Clegg

-Charities criticise watchdog’s ‘gag’ on EU campaigning

-Sunday trading: Tory MPs eye ‘unholy alliance’ with SNP and Labour


The Independent

-Number of people on zero-hours contracts increases 15% in a year, ONS says

-Four problems with the Sun’s ‘Queen Backs Brexit’ front page

-Reported child sex offences ‘increase by a third in a year

-George Osborne faces possible defeat after SNP MPs opposed extension of Sunday trading in England and Wales


The Mirror

Zero-hour contracts scandal exposed as number of workers on hated deals soars by 15%

-Jeremy Hunt blamed for junior doctors’ strike in thumping poll at start of 48-hour walkout

-Jacob Rees Mogg accuses Mark Carney of demeaning Bank of England by scaremongering over Brexit


The Sun

Editorial: WE have more respect for the Bank of England’s Governor than to accuse him of spouting pro-EU propaganda because he’s George Osborne’s stooge.

-Revealed: Queen backs Brexit as alleged EU bust-up with ex-Deputy PM emerges

-Terror threat at highest level in 10 years and UK at greater risk if we leave the EU, says police chief


The Telegraph

Editorial: The way to cut crime

-Doctors strike: the NHS exists to serve patients, not keep doctors happy

-No, junior doctors won’t leave the country because of Jeremy Hunt’s new contract

-Junior doctors’ strike: thousands of operations cancelled as 48-hour walkout begins


The Times

– Sir George Martin, the ‘Fifth Beatle’, dies aged 90

-North Korea unveils ‘true nuclear deterrent


UKIP Website

– UKIP Blast Tory Benefit Raid on Britain’s Most Vulnerable People

-UKIP’s 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly candidates announced

-UKIP London Mayoral candidate backs call for Coin Street Community Builders to refuse permission for the Garden Bridge

-UKIP MEPs highlight unfair ‘tampon tax’ on International Women’s Day

-The EU has failed women

-It’s not the EU’s job to regulate British ports

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