City AM

– Graeme Leach: Forget the dodgy numbers: Leaving the EU would make economic sense.

– Mark Littlewood: Nanny state Lib Dems caused their own crisis by rejecting liberalism.

Daily Telegraph

– Farage: Does the PM have the backbone.

Brussels starts talking scents, and perfume world shudders.

Grammar school pupils earn more.

– Allison Pearson: As a survey of British social attitudes reveals a shocking up turn in prejudice, Allison Pearson argues that the political elite’s desire to advance multiculturalism with mass immigration has backfired.

– Nigel Farage: Match your words with action, Mr Cameron.

– Peter Oborne: Only our PM can lead the fight for a new-look European Union.

– Sue Cameron: The clock is ticking for the traditional elite.

– Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Europe has an even bigger crisis on its hands than a British exit.

Daily Express

– Lib Dems face election disaster under Clegg warns peer as he quits (also in the Daily Mail).

– New £3.8bn tax grab by EU bosses with ‘heads in sand‘.

– Editorial: Latest EU cash demand is insult to European voters.

Daily Mail

EU admits it must change… then asks us for extra £500m! (also in The Times).

– At last, PM ditches vow to enshrine foreign aid in law.

– Quentin Letts: The toxic treachery of these hypocrites in sandals.

– Seb Coe ‘in line to chair BBC Trust‘ (also in the Times).

– Go to UK… It’s easy. Astonishing message to migrants from French riot police yesterday as they cleared the slum camps of Calais.

– Stephen Glover: Despite ceaseless immigration, the British are NOT more racist – whatever the blathering Left and BBC might say.

– Get your act together, Mandelson tells Miliband: Former business secretary says Labour leader needs to abandon ‘crowd-pleasing’ to counter rise of UKIP.

The Times

Business attacks Labour for ‘costly’ pension plans.

– UKIP luring away Lib Dem protest votes says British Election Survey – 51% of UKIP’s total vote last weekend reportedly came from those who voted Conservative in the 2010 General Election, 17% Lib Dem and 12% Labour.

– David Aaronovitch: Let’s calm down. UKIP’s popularity won’t last.

The Guardian

Interest rate hike is needed sooner rather than later, says policymaker.
– Farage snubbed as Le Pen seeks allies to form anti-EU bloc.

– Diane Abbott: For Labour to embrace a more anti-immigrant tone in response to UKIP would be so disastrous.

The Independent

– Grammar Schools reportedly widen gap between rich and poor according to study from Universities the of Bristol and Bath plus the Institute of Education, University of London. The new study demonstrates long-term harm to those who miss out on a place. Income inequality 25% less in areas with comprehensive education.

Farage woos Italy’s ‘rebels’ as he builds coalition.

– Europe hears the wake-up call – but it’s not exactly hurrying to make changes. Handing power to nation states or deeper economic integration is the big choice now facing the EU.

Buried in statistics, but how do they add up for Scotland?

– Adrian Wooldridge: From Plato to Winston Churchill, democracy has long been condemned as a flawed way to choose governments. So has UKIP’s victory proved them right?

Financial Times

Conservatives feel under pressure in Newark after UKIP surge.

Scotland data duel stokes voter distrust.

The Sun

Nige’s new mate (re: Beppe Grillo and Nigel meeting).

Cam’s a £500m failure in Brussels.

Tories on the borders of split. Make immigration your red line, Mr Cameron.

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