One of the most militantly left-wing trade unions has told members the European Parliament’s decision to back opening rail routes across the European Union (EU) to more competition for private operators is another reason to vote leave in the referendum.

Sky News

David Cameron has urged his closest business advisers to use the final two months before‎ the UK’s EU referendum to warn publicly on the risks of Brexit despite growing signs that many of them are reluctant to do so.

Morning Star

VOTE to leave the EU if you ever want to see Britain’s railways returned to public ownership, transport unions told Britons yesterday. The rallying cry came after the European Parliament gave a thumbs up to forcing all EU rail routes onto the open market, banning countries from legally protecting them as national assets.

Sky News

Barack Obama has arrived in London and immediately triggered a furious political row by urging the UK to stay in the European Union. In a move that will enrage Tory Eurosceptics but delight pro-EU MPs and campaigners, the President says the EU makes Britain even greater.


BBC News

The UK will take in up to 3,000 refugees, mostly vulnerable children, from the war-torn Syria region by 2020.  The government called the move the “largest resettlement programme for children in the world”.  It is in addition to UK prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to take 20,000 refugees by 2020.

The Sun

AN illegal immigrant repeatedly raped a woman and sexually assaulted another in attacks blamed on “cultural differences”.  Fathi Dridi, who lied to claim asylum in Britain, refused to take responsibility — forcing his victims through the ordeal of two court trials.


British border guards are virtually powerless to stop and detain Britons they suspect of returning from jihad or terrorism training, a whistle-blower has disclosed.  UK Border Force guards have “zero discretion” to detain and interview travellers trying to re-enter Britain if they hold a UK passport and have not been “flagged” by police or security services.



Junior doctors are considering an indefinite walkout in protest at the new contract Jeremy Hunt is forcing on them if next week’s all-out strikes do not force him to reopen talks, leaked emails reveal.

Daily Mail

Up to three million patients are being refused NHS operations unless they lose weight or quit smoking, an investigation reveals.

A third of health trusts deny hip and knee replacements, varicose vein repair and other routine procedures to anyone considered too fat.


Daily Mirror

David Cameron today stands accused of “fiddling the figures” over Britain’s defence spending.  The Commons Defence Committee accuses David Cameron of “creative accounting” so the UK meets the Nato benchmark of spending 2% of GDP on the Armed Forces.  Britain only meets the key condition because the Tories included cash commitments like £1billion of pension payments and intelligence money which were not previously counted, MPs found.


Daily Mail

Leading universities are threatening to cut ties with the national students’ body after a key figure in a campaign to sabotage counter-terrorism measures in higher education was appointed its president, it was reported last night.

The Times
Leading universities are threatening to cut ties with the national student body after it elected a left-wing militant accused of antisemitism as its president.

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