Economist/Ipsos MORI June 2014 Issues Index

– After almost six years, the economy is no longer the most important issue facing Britain today

– Race/immigration is now seen as the singular most important issue facing Britain today.

– The economy moves to second place, for the first time since August 2008

Sky News

–  PM Warns Juncker Vote Is ‘Bad For All Of Europe‘. The PM takes a swipe at fellow leaders as they prepare to vote on whether to give the EU’s top job to Jean-Claude Juncker 

City AM

– Craig Newman: Why Europe’s “right to be forgotten” will cost its technology industry dear

– Marc Sidwell: What our politicians can learn from the Hunger Games rules of persuasion (includes mention for Nigel Farage and UKIP )

– Nina Schick: There’s a silver lining to Britain’s certain defeat over federalist Juncker

Daily Telegraph

– Population rate rises twice as fast as rest of EU (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Times)

Fear over Juncker’s drinking (also in Daily Mail)

More families live off fewer taxpayers (also in Daily Express)

Farage plans to axe stamp duty on brownfield

– Cuts ‘will lead to banana republic Armed Forces‘ says Lords Richards (also in Daily Mail)

– Britain ‘cannot educate the world‘ say senior Judge

– Fraser Nelson: Cameron is the only leader with the courage to take on Europe

– Jeremy Warner: Stop meddling, Mr Carney, and bite the bullet

– Editorial: Labour’s costly legacy of dependency on the state

Daily Express

– EU ‘has brought no clear benefit to UK‘ says Civitas report

– Macer Hall: Prime Minister is right to fight the might of Brussels

Daily Mail

– Energy sharks make £101 profit per family  

– Poor white children ‘need as much help with English as ethnic pupils‘ says new study (also in the Independent)  

Fury over CPS’s £100m ‘privacy probe‘ 

The Times

– Ministers spare final-salary pension  

Blame game turns nasty as Juncker heads for victory  

Blair backs Albania’s attempt to join EU  

– Philip Collins: Petulance will get you nowhere, Mr Cameron 

The Guardian

– Chilcot report into 2003 Iraq invasion hit by further delay ​ 

– Bank will not act on house prices yet, says Carney  

– Tesco hoarding land and buildings on an area big enough for 15,000 homes  

– Tory MP Dominic Raab says fairness is weak spot for party  

– Simon Jenkins: Mega projects are the quack remedies of modern politics  

– Rafael Behr: Cameron’s failings are his greatest strength… for now  

The Independent

– Labour will charge foreign oligarchs for using British courts (also in The Sun)

– ‘Don’t call me a quisling or traitor‘: Galloways’s stirring defence of the Union

– Nigel Farage: Sure let’s give the North a boost – but not by creating more layers of government

Financial Times

– Merkel to limit Juncker fallout

– Labour aims to woo business with commitment to growth

The Sun

– Brown: Hold EU vote now 

Daily Events

House of Lords

– Legislation – Lord Saatchi. Medical Innovation Bill [HL] – Second reading 

– Legislation – Lord Lester of Herne Hill. Parliamentary Privilege (Defamation) Bill [HL] – Second reading 


– BRUSSELS: European Council summit of EU leaders, including David Cameron.

0845 Arrival at the Justus Lipsius building

0900 Signing ceremony

1000 Working session

1310 Working lunch At end of meeting (tbc) Press conference by the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission National briefings in the press centre (tbc) Justus Lipsius Building, Rue de la Loi.

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