Labour lead at 6 – Latest YouGov / The Sun results 12th June – Con 32%, Lab 38%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%


Sky News

– Iraq Militants Poised For March On Baghdad

Insurgents take more territory on the road to Iraq’s capital as the US says it will consider “all options” to stop the fighters.


City AM

Carney – prepare for a rise in rates (also in Daily Telegraph, The Times)

Osborne unveils plan for mortgage cap to cool off housing market

Councils ordered to back developers or lose powers

– Allister Heath: Rates are going up – and mortgages will become harder to get

– Adam Memom: Britain’s energy security is now at risk. There must be no delay to fracking


Daily Telegraph

Confusion over May’s priority passport promises

PM: Nonsense that Juncker has mandate (also in Daily Mail)

Nigel Farage could face fine over donations (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Times)

Grammars told not to give poor pupils priority

– Fraser Nelson: Osborne won’t admit it, but the Tories are really milking the rich

– Jeremy Warner: Banks are crying out for the Uber treatment

– Isabel Hardman: The young think like Tories – so why are they voting Labour?


Daily Express

– Battle is on again to guarantee EU referendum in law

– PM told to veto Brussels spending plan

– Frederick Forsyth: It’s mad for Tories and UKIP to fight

English not first language for 1m pupils incl comment from Patrick O’Flynn MEP


Daily Mail

– Starstruck. As Iraq implodes and Russian tanks roll into Ukraine, PM goes on date night at celeb hotspot and Hague hobnobs with Brangelina

Tory MEPs join forces with ‘German UKIP’ (also in The Times)

Finally, PM says sorry for chaos at Passport Office

– JK Rowling: Why I gave £1m to help stop Britain breaking up


The Times

Police officers in Sheffield taught Romany to ease migrant tensions

Britain free to plant GM crops after EU deal

Labour in late bid to win back business


The Guardian

– Hillary Clinton: I would hate Britain to lose Scotland

Scots will lose BBC if they vote for independence, says Brown


The Independent

Food bank charity was threatened with closure by minister’s aide 

Mobile phone users being overcharged by £6bn, says Labour

– Nigel Farage: It would be frightful nonsense for the EU to class obese people as disabled // Politics has ignored the Purple Van Man


The Sun

– Coalition split over knife crime vote  

As Brits join ISIS terrorists, one claims war is ‘really fun. It’s better than Call of Duty’ 


Daily Events

House of Commons


House of Lords

– No business announced



– LONDON: Angelina Jolie and William Hague host summit on on ending sexual violence in conflict. The Foreign Secretary and Jolie, a UN special envoy, will host the summit expected to be attended by 140 countries.

– KINGSTON: Sentencing of the first person in the UK to be convicted of terrorist offences in connection with the Syria conflict.

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