Sky news:

– Rochdale Abuse: Police Will Face No Action

– Labour’s Pledge To Force Big Six To Cut Bills

–  Number Of Female MPs Set To Hit All-Time High

The Telegraph

– Lib Dem dodgy donations: Police asked to investigate potentially illegal contributions –

– Ed ‘Two Kitchens’ Miliband under fire in bizarre row

– Ed Miliband ‘doesn’t understand’ business, says Apprentice star Karren Brady

– Operation Yewtree: Police arrest Max Clifford

–  Muslim prayers in Church of England parish

–  Grey Coat School chosen for David Cameron’s daughter in fund row

– Michael Gove: Tories must win over ‘hearts’ to get re-elected

Daily Express

– David Cameron: Broadcasters ‘cocked it up’ over election debates

– David Cameron hints Tory EU referendum will STILL be two years away

– Even Nick Clegg disagrees… Deputy PM blasts plans for EU army as ‘dangerous fantasy’

Daily Mail

– Give Dave another five years, pleads SamCam: PM’s wife says she ‘desperately’ wants husband to be re-elected as she lifts lid on life inside Downing Street 

South Yorkshire Police accused of covering up widespread sexual abuse in Sheffield on a scale ‘bigger than Rotherham’

– ‘Two kitchens Miliband’: Labour leader posed in family’s SECOND ‘kitchenette’ at £2.5m mansion for interview with his wife

– Clegg’s Lib Dem leadership rival Tim Farron gives his party a score out of 2/10 for its handing of coalition with Tories

– Clegg accused of hypocrisy after Lib Dem ‘tried to bypass donation laws’: Top civil servant says Deputy PM’s rhetoric on sleaze was not matched by party’s actions 

– Cameron rails against the ‘buggeration factor’ of trying to get things done in Whitehall

– Labour set to hand key marginal to Red Len’s friend involved in vote-fix row: Unite’s call for inclusion on shortlist for Halifax proves headache for Miliband 

The Times

– Terrorism is price worth paying, says liberty lobby

– Revealed: Ed’s two-kitchen secret

– Tell voters we are warriors for social justice, Gove urges PM

The Guardian

– Ed Miliband targets energy firms with proposed price-cut powers for Ofgem

– Kitchen sink drama for Miliband as homely photo backfires

– Police apologise to Rochdale child sex abuse victims

– ‘Grexident’: Germany warns Greece cold leave euro by accident – live updates

– Coalition Britain: how has David Cameron affected the UK’s reputation?

The Sun

– Gimme 5 more, says Sam Cam

The Mirror

– Ed will force Big Six energy firms to drop fuel bills by £100 a year

– Chicken David Cameron is terrified of live TV debates because he’s selling our NHS

– NHS sell-out: Tories sign largest privatisation deal in history worth £780MILLIONRelated articles

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