YouGov/Sun poll tonight — Tories have one point lead: CON 33%, LAB 32%, LD 8%, UKIP 15%, GRN 6%

City A.M.

– Political Comment: Ed Miliband isn’t Prime Ministerial and it could win him the election.

Daily Mail

– There ARE too many migrants: Ex-premier John Major tells Brussels unless our borders are tightened there’s a 50% chance Britain will quit EU. ​

– I’ll strip returning jihadis of passports for two years vows PM: Cameron says plans will prevent suspects returning to wreak terror on the UK.

– Plotters won’t defeat me, says Ed: He hits out at ‘powerful forces’ trying to keep him out of No 10. ​

– Labour’s pledge to get tough on tax avoiders: Party will double penalties for those caught, says Ed Balls. ​

– Osborne promises a blank cheque to put bankers in the dock: Chancellor urges Serious Fraud Office to launch ‘blockbuster’ case against trades who rigged rates. ​

The Express

– Ukip on the way to election VICTORY: Bookies already paying out on Rochester win.

– Coalition row as top Tory blasts Lib Dem attempts to enshrine foreign aid bill in law.

– Scots Labour doomed if they choose Jim Murphy says union boss.

– Pay EU migrants child benefit at local rates says Nick Clegg.

Financial Times

– Labour’s next generation steps forward.

– UK military struggles to swell ranks of reserves. 

– Ukip seeks funds as donations slow.

The Guardian

– Finding the key to providing secure and decent housing.

– David Cameron backs John Major’s warning on future of UK in Europe.

– SNP to let independence campaigners stand at general election in 2015.

The Independent

– Let’s get some things straight about Ukip and the NHS – because I’m tired of Miliband’s mudslinging.

– Elections should be held on special ‘Democracy Day’ public holidays, say MPs.

– Hundreds of asylum-seekers ‘wrongly deported’ on drug smuggler’s evidence.

– Nigel Farage calls out Ed Miliband with ‘come and have a go’ letter following Labour leader’s promise to ‘take apart’ Ukip.

The Sun

– Labour’s US advisor still follows wrong Ed.

– Seize passports of teenage I.S. suspects.

The Telegraph

– Labour’s Year Zero tactics will fool no one.

– Alex Salmond warns independence fight ‘not over’ as he steps down as SNP leader.

– David Cameron compares Russia to Nazi Germany on eve of Putin meeting. 

– NHS breaches data laws ‘six times a day’.

– Pressure mounts on Red Cross over elderly volunteer axed after gay marriage protest. 

The Times

– Dad’s Army: MoD ready to call up the over-50s.

– Pressure mounts on Juncker over tax scandal as he faces G20 leaders.

– Islamic State plans to mint its own money.

– Miliband rejects chance of TV debate with Farage.

– Livingstone accused of inciting lynch mob at rally.


– LONDON: Annual sitting of UK Youth Parliament.

– PERTH: SNP conference. Nicola Sturgeon will formally succeed Alex Salmond as SNP leader at the event.

– 0030 CANBERRA: David Cameron speech to Australian Parliament in Canberra 0030 UK time (1130 local).

– 1000 GLASGOW: Pre-trial hearing in Andy Coulson perjury case.​

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