YouGov/Sun Poll: Con 32%, Lab 32%, UKIP 16%, Green 8%, Lib 6%

City A.M.

– Ebola in the UK: Suspected case in Edinburgh while Australian woman airlifted to UK

Sir Ian Wood calls for oil tax cuts and warns 40,000 jobs are at risk

Will David Cameron’s refusal to take part in TV debates damage his electoral prospects?

Daily Mail

Editorial: Church is preaching the wrong sermon

– ‘Second Paris’ averted by hours: Belgian police HQ under armed guard after two suspected ISIS jihadists are killed as commandos swoop on cell before imminent attack on local station

– IMF chief’s stunning endorsement of the British economy: Christine Lagarde says UK is setting an example to rest of the world during talks with Cameron

Universities are awarding firsts to one in five students

Less than one migrant a week sent back to Calais: As new centre opens to handle thousands heading to Britain, a shocking statistic shows as only 49 were returned to France after being caught

Michelin chef and curried turkey; Inside the ‘new Sangatte’ which cost £2.3million and is partly funded by the British taxpayer

The Express

Editorial: Pensioner bonds: Good idea, poor delivery

Editorial: We must beef up security of our computer systems

Millions of pounds of taxpayer’s cash could be wasted in foreign aid spending spree

Financial Times

Editorial: Market confidence in Swiss monetary policy has been dealt a blow

MPs doubt high speed rail scheme will give value for money

Ed Miliband blames electoral roll ‘scandal’ on coalition reform

US and UK agents to wage cyber war games on City of London

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on spending cuts without inflation: harder times

Ucas warns some students may be disadvantaged by A-level reforms

Who are Britain’s 1m-plus missing voters?

Editorial: Scotland’s oil slick: The fall in the price of crude will be painful, but in the long term it could help rebalance the economy

Editorial: The two-hour school PE target should be reintroduced

– Tristram Hunt: Labour ‘must confront the Ukip threat – not ignore it’

The Mirror

– Ed Miliband slams the scandal that could see ONE MILLION people excluded from voting

– Ed Miliband: This government is betraying the next generation of voters

Immigrants coming to the UK each year has risen THREE-FOLD in the last three decades

The Sun

Editorial: THE NHS’s future is too vital to be dictated by the ideologies of Left or Right. It should be about whatever works for patients and what the nation can afford. IMAGINE the stink in France if Britain built luxury accommodation¿ in Dover¿ to welcome immigrants queuing to sneak illegally into Calais on the next lorry. HAS the Pope lost the papal plot? THERE’S a glimmer of hope in the escape of wantaway ¿ISIL ¿jihadist Tareena Shakil.

Morgan puts boot into May over plans to deport foreign students

Osborne steps up crusade on firms to cut customer bills

What Grexit means for Britain

The Telegraph

Editorial: Telegraph View: Economic reality has found out both Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond, though it would seem neither man has realised

Is this evidence of a Tory plot to split Labour’s vote? MP tells voter to back the Greens

Axe ‘zombie’ Parliaments law, say former Cabinet ministers

Sir Ian Wood urges George Osborne to cut oil tax by 10pc

Fewer than 50 migrants returned to France every year

Civil Servants spent extra £1billion in eight weeks to hit aid target

The Times

Editorial: Having quotas for poor children will undermine schools

Osborne ready to back Boris as leader

20,000 council officials have power to enter private homes

Scandal of dehydration in care homes exposes neglect

Minister overturns decision on rival exams


– David Cameron in Washington. The PM will meet President Obama at the White House for bilateral talks.

– 1200 SHEFFIELD: Ed Milliband speech to students in Sheffield.

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