City AM

– Eurozone missing out on recovery with flat growth

-Roger Bootle: Beware the corporate grandees who claim Brexit would cost Britain dear


Daily Telegraph

Leaders urged to join online election debate

– Editorial: An offer too good for the party leaders to refuse

ECB urged to take action as eurozone recovery falters

– 1 in 10 inmates in open prisons is a murderer, figures reveal

Wurzels get the wind in their sails with a song of protest

Ex-MP among thousands seeking Google data deletions (also in The Times, The Guardian)

Scots will get extra powers after No vote, says Cameron

Wealthy donors are switching from Tories to back UKIP

– Michael Deacon: Of course the BBC hates you Nigel. That’s why they keep having you on all the time

Norman Tebbit blog: The smears against Nigel Farage – and the freedoms of Magna Carta


Daily Express

We will still win, insists Farage as UKIP dips in poll

‘Nigel Farage is a phoney BULL**** artist’ – Labour’s ASTONISHING new attack on Ukip

– Clegg: Anti-EU Britons are not patriotic

– Ross Clark: Nick Clegg is not so much patriotic as scaremongering

– Crime does pay… three out of four serious offenders never go to prison

This man is a danger to women. So why was he let into UK? (also in The Sun)


Daily Mail

Deputy PM accused of losing the plot in school lunches row

– The miserable millionaire. Interview with Paul Sykes

Unite handed Red Ed £2m after he backed their rent control plan


The Times

UKIP official gave jobs to illegal migrants
Whitehall defends Clegg advisers’ pay


The Independent

– Tories use secret club (United and Cecil) as front for donations

Labour castigates Farage as ‘a phoney who pretends he’s something he’s not‘ (also in Daily Express online)

– Would coming second be a disappointment for UKIP? The Independent’s poll of polls vindicates Nigel Farage’s boasts about his party’s prospects next week. But would he have been better downplaying expectations?

– Mark Steel: We’d love to send all these Romanians and Bulgarians home. But the trouble is they didn’t come here in the first place. How rude!”

– Multiple mentions for UKIP in Andy McSmith’s Diary

– Nigel Farage: Why does appalling treatment of UKIP members receive so little attention? // My tips for holidaying in… Europe (not online at present)

– Syria conflict: Hundreds more desperate refugees could die at sea as Europe does little to help


The Guardian

Ukip embroiled in new row over Islamophobia

Mention for UKIP in Hugh Muir Diary


Financial Times

Peter Spiegel: How Merkel ended Euro crisis


The Sun

Sun Says – Miliband would do nothing about EU immigration but Tories want EU referendum so makes choice easier

Katie Hopkins criticises Sanya, stand by what you say or shut up​ (no link available)


Daily Events

House of Commons

– No business today


House of Lords

– No business today



– LONDON: EU Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor speech to Chatham House.

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