YouGov/Sun poll – 32% lowest Lab figure since mid-May 2010, plus new combined Lab/Con % low: CON 31%, LAB 32%, LD 8%, UKIP 18%, GRN 7%

City A.M.

As David Cameron pledges action against EU immigration, is UK protectionism growing?

Daily Mail

Four out of ten hospitals ‘unsafe’: Damning report exposes catalogue of neglect and inadequate treatment

Tories vow to slash £100m a week migrant tax credits: New pledge as Cameron says it’s time to give EU one last go

Energy bills leap £410 in a decade…even though we’re using 17pc less: Rise revealed as anger grows at Big Six’s failure to pass on drop in wholesale costs

The Express

MP Douglas Carswell ‘recruited’ Mark Reckless via secret meetings with Ukip’s Farage

PM admits immigration system ‘hasn’t been working’ amid reports of ‘game-changing’ policy

UK tax gap widens to £34billion

Financial Times

David Cameron warned of Tory revolt over EU ‘opt in’

Labour makes pitch to angry football fans

Raising personal tax allowance costs more than expected, says OBR

The Guardian

Tories harden up anti-Europe stance as fear of Ukip byelection win grows

Lyons review for Labour urges new powers to boost housebuilding

The Independent

Michael Gove says he is ‘not bovvered’ about Ukip

David Cameron takes on Ukip with promise of new measures to curb European immigration

Government moots treason trials for returning British Isis fighters

The Sun

Record 60 rapes a day reported to the police

Byrne: Labour need to talk more about immigration

Brits back Cameron’s EU red line stand – but also say he’ll fail​

The Telegraph

Ebola may be gruesome but it’s not the biggest threat to Africa

Doctors’ contract talks stall ​

The Times

Aides feared axe for Balls amid reshuffle rumour

Rochester Tory backs Farage over plan to exclude low-skilled migrants


Commons second reading debate and vote on the EU Referendum Bill, run by Bob Neill.

MILAN: David Cameron to attend ASEM Asia-Europe summit.


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