Daily Mail

Editorial: DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Cheap stunts won’t put us in the black

Labour’s 24-hour drinking policy has made crime around the clock a problem and has done NOTHING for trade, major report finds

The Express

Editorial: George Osborne’s Budget provided much needed sweeteners for small firms

Now MEP warns more than a MILLION migrants could come to Britain if it stays in EU

Turkey deal will not send more migrants to Britain, says PM

Outrage as EU admits: We have NO CLUE how much taxpayer cash is spent on migrant crisis

Financial Times

Editorial: US presidential candidates’ focus on trade deals is misleading

British officials claim victory over Brussels in ‘tampon tax’ row

Osborne faces rebellion over cuts to disability benefits

The Guardian

‘Tampon tax’: PM gets support from EU leaders for looser VAT rules

The Independent

Disability benefit cuts included in the Budget were just ‘a suggestion’, cabinet minister Nicky Morgan says

The Mirror

David Cameron calls for migrant boats heading for the EU to be ‘sent back’ to Turkish ports

The Sun

Editorial: AS the EU agonises over its long-term migrant strategy, there is only one way to stop more arriving: get tough. Australia’s successful bloody-mindedness is the proof

Office for Budget Responsibility slams George Osborne for ‘selectively quoting them to sound anti-Brexit’ 

Tampon tax set for scrap heap after Government reaches deal with EU

The Telegraph

Editorial: Britain must speak up for Syria’s genocide victims

The Times

Billionaire Tory backer blacklisted by top bank

UKIP website

Budget a lost opportunity for Small Business 

UKIP announce Steve Winstone as the party candidate in Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough 

Findings of latest European Court of Auditors report should worry everyone

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