YouGov/Sun poll tonight: Labour lead by 5 points – biggest since October. LAB 35%, CON 30%, UKIP 16%, GRN 8%, LDEM 6%.

City A.M.

The EU-US free trade deal is in danger of failing – and it’s SMEs who’d lose out

Ukip MP Mark Reckless crowd-funds to “deal with” Conservative legal challenge

Daily Mail

Editorial: EU meddling opens our borders to abuse

Sir Cover-up in row over bending rules: Cabinet Secretary at centre of claims office allowed special advisers to campaign in Rochester by-election

Will your bins now be collected once every FOUR weeks? Senior council leader warns cuts to frontline services are inevitable after funding is slashed again

UK faces fresh wave of migrants after visa ruling by Euro judges: Rules forcing foreign family members of EU residents to get permit are scrapped by European court

Illegal migrants make 3,000 attempts each month to enter Britain – and figure has almost quadrupled in just three years

The Express

British job adverts for British workers in new deal with EU

– ‘Absolute kick in the teeth’: New EU ruling classing fat people as disabled sparks outrage

Financial Times

Editorial: Sony’s surrender is a setback for free speech

Editorial: The tantalising prospect of a Bush-Clinton race

– Big pay rise for Osborne aide fuels anger over special advisers

Two-year limit set on UK worker claims for backdated holiday pay

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on the US-Cuba breakthrough: more US diplomatic creativity is needed elsewhere

Editorial: The Guardian view on tackling child sex abuse: it’s a job half done

Home secretary’s special advisers removed from parliamentary list

Tories raise funds for further poll soon after general election in May

George Osborne’s top adviser receives 18% pay rise

Customer debts to energy suppliers rise to more than £900m

The Independent

Editorial: Steady, Mr Salmond: Responsibility is required from the prospective MP

Alex Salmond hints at Scottish votes for English laws

New cash squeeze on councils ‘targets poor’

Poland threatens to veto David Cameron’s EU migrants benefits cuts plan

MP Simon Danczuk says Prime Minister David Cameron is ‘dismissive’ of sex abuse allegations

The Sun

Editorial: NO wonder there is so much anti-EU outrage when you consider two insane decisions foisted on Britain in one day yesterday. FOR too long users of price comparison sites have been taken for a ride. THE buckling of Sony and the cinema chains in the face of North Korean cyber-terrorists is a pathetic loss of bottle.

UK ordered to loosen immigration controls

Troop lie solicitors pay £33k to Labour

The Telegraph

Editorial: The French president’s self-delusion is reaching dangerous levels

Editorial: The days of endless handouts to local authorities are over, but central government has much to learn from its local counterparts

The year Ukip went mainstream – in 60 seconds

3,000 migrants a month caught trying to enter Britain

David Cameron says Europe’s block on sharing passenger data is ‘frankly ridiculous

Ukip’s rise ‘will hurt shares and pensions’, City analyst says

The Times

Editorial: Our enemies are using the courts as a weapon of war

Secrets of Britain’s teen terror trade uncovered

National badger cull stopped in its tracks

Hollande breaks EU ranks by seeking softer line on sanctions

Welfare in Britain isn’t fair, as Ukip knows


– 0815 BRUSSELS: David Cameron at European Council summit.

– 0930 LONDON: Public sector borrowing figures for November are published by the Office for National Statistics.

– 1000 LONDON: PCMH for David Cameron’s former special adviser accused of making and possessing indecent images of children.

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