Every working day, John Gill in the HQ produces a news brief for the party management. We also receive it, so UKIP Daily readers can see the same articles our leaders are being pointed at. We now aim to publish it every weekday morning, and then try to do the more comprehensive “in-depth” review on the weekned days, all under the “Kippers for Breakfast” banner. Also, at the bottom, you will usually find the key events happening today in the Palace of Westminster and other important places.

City AM

– Labour: We need to grill pharma chiefs

Trade benefits of EU overdone

– Ryan Bourne: Why Piketty’s socialist manifesto doesn’t stand up

Daily Telegraph

Dutch chief predicts UKIP will join Le Pen alliance

How growth of ethnic groups will change English identity (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Times)

– Phillip Johnston: Build more homes, but not on green fields

Daily Express

Scandal of foreign rapists on streets

EU migrants and the impact locally incl comment from Tim Aker

– Editorial: New figures on migration paint an alarming picture  

Daily Mail

– Pfizer boss admits: We could break up UK firm

Legalise cannabis, says report backed by Clegg

Secret emails reveal how minister plotted with the GM lobbyists

The Times

Unemployed may be forced to volunteer alongside offenders

Escape of the Skull Cracker sparks day release review

– ‘Too many’ plans for wind farms causing needless anxiety

– Rachel Sylvester: On this they agree: don’t vote for the Tories. Unless they persuade Britain’s ethnic minorities to support them at the polls, the Conservatives face annihilation

The Guardian

Jobseekers told they must take zero-hours jobs

Explosion in self-employment across UK hides real story behind upbeat job figures

– Patrick Wintour: One year until the least predictable election for 70 years

– Melissa Kite: Don’t agree with Nigel (re: Nigel Farage and TV debates)

The Independent

Collapse in pay lies behind Britain’s return to work

– Better red without Ed? The heartland that’s not happy with its lot

– Steve Richards: Despite appearances, it’s Miliband, not Farage, who’s breaking with tradition and upsetting the status quo

Financial Times

Cameron can skip treaty change, says lawyer

Crisis in Ukraine hardens Brussels stance on pipeline

– Eurozone inflation forecast cut http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/fa14f6bc-d429-11e3-a122-00144feabdc0.html 

Daily Events

House of Commons

– Justice Questions.

– A 10-minute rule motion on pupils at risk of educational disadvantage.

– Wales Bill – Committee of the Whole House (Day 2).

– A short debate on services operated by Southeastern Trains.

 – Jon Gaunt at Home Affairs committee hearing on Police Federation. The committee will hear from former journalist and DJ Jon Gaunt, whose PR firm was hired by the Police Federation

– Scottish Affairs Committee hearing on referendum.

House of Lords

–  Economic and Financial Affairs (EU Sub-Committee A). Bank Structural Reform – (at 2.05pm) evidence will be heard from Sir Winfried Bischoff, former Chairman, Lloyds Banking Group and (at 3.15pm) from Anthony Browne, Chief Executive, British Bankers’ Association.

– Legislation – Lord Taylor of Holbeach. Immigration Bill – Third reading – Lord Taylor of Holbeach


– Boris Johnson’s “Ask Boris” LBC phone-in.

– 1050 LONDON: Liberal Democrats election campaign launch. Nick Clegg will address a rally at the Ministry of Sound, then visit a community centre in Haringey.


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