YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Tories lead by two: CON 35%, LAB 33%, LD 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 6%

City A.M.

EU warns Athens that its patience is running thin

Interest rates could be slashed to zero to battle deflation

First-time buyer ISA panned by fiscal experts

Osborne urged to explain £12bn of planned cuts

Alexander sparks backlash after presenting alternative budget

Daily Mail

EDITORIAL: Sir Cover-Up and the gagging of Whitehall

Ukip axes top MEP as general election candidate over ‘bogus expenses plot’ caught on film

Fury at Sir Cover-Up’s ‘whistleblowing ban’: Backlash over curbs on civil servants talking to Press

Osborne still won’t commit on defence: Chancellor infuriates MPs by refusing to commit to spending 2% of national income

New racket to smuggle migrants out of the UK… so they get better chance of coming back here legally after gaining asylum elsewhere in Europe

A THIRD of all burglaries in England and Wales are committed by children, shocking new statistics reveal

Men held over rape ‘should get anonymity,’: MPs call for shake-up in laws after high-profile figures were arrested and named before cases were dropped

ANOTHER Cyril Smith cover up: MP was caught abusing boy and pervert policeman hid the truth

The Express

EDITORIAL: It is insane to pay compensation to guilty criminals argues STEPHEN POLLARD

EDITORIAL: A welcome crackdown on these greedy tax dodgers

Judges weakening Britain’s battle against terrorism by caving in to European human rights

Illegal immigrants smuggled OUT of Britain… so they can return after claiming EU asylum

Britain launches multi-million pound fund to help countries resist Russian intimidation

Financial Times

EDITORIAL: West has an obligation to Tunisia

Ukip MEP suspended after ‘serious financial’ allegations

Budget cash aimed at marginals brings ‘pork-barrel’ charge

Treasury announces tax evasion measures

UK defence budget falling £5bn short

The Guardian

EDITORIAL: The Guardian view on spending cuts: unspeakable horrors

EDITORIAL: The Guardian view on the killings in Tunisia: the Arab spring’s only success needs support

Ukip suspends MEP over allegations of ‘serious financial nature

IFS challenges George Osborne over £12bn welfare spending cut plan

George Osborne rejects OBR forecast of ‘much sharper squeeze on spending

Ministry of Defence’s budget shortfall could be even worse than forecast

TransNorth rail and road plan unveiled but unions call it ‘electioneering’

Labour calls time on ‘exam factory’ approach to schooling

– The budget yellow box: Lib Dems lay out alternative fiscal plan in Commons

Nick Clegg backs election debate between the four main parties

The Independent

EDITORIAL: Tunisia shootings: Shock for a nation that is the standard-bearer for a successful, recent conversion to democracy

EDITORIAL: Danny Alexander’s more balanced approach to tackling the deficit

– Budget 2015: The £12bn question – where will the next cuts come from?

– Nigel Farage: After five lost years, the Coalition is finally falling apart

Nigel Farage vows to uphold ‘decency’ in Ukip after MEP Janice Atkinson suspended

The Mirror

UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson suspended over allegations of ‘overcharged’ expenses

Poor people hit hardest by Coalition, research reveals – and public spending cuts will DOUBLE

Accountancy firms that help rich tax dodgers cling to their cash face multi-million-pound fines under new laws

– Political donations: Secretive groups have funnelled £7.35m to Tory politicians

Grant Shapps’ personal website is owned by his businessman alter-ego ‘Michael Green

The Sun

EDITORIAL: LABOUR’S attack on the Budget is as brainless as it is toothless.

EDITORIAL: Expensive error. THE Ukip expenses scandal claims have rightly been referred to the police

Ukip suspend MEP after Sun fraud probe

– Ozzy’s Budget bounce. Voters give Chancellor’s recipe of rosy economic news and giveaways a big thumbs-up

Ministers must ‘get a grip’ on immigration

The Telegraph

EDITORIAL: The attack in Tunisia was an attack on a fragile democracy. The West must pay attention

EDITORIAL: The Lib Dem ‘budget’ is an embarrassment

Nigel Farage ‘shocked’ by claims of expense fiddling that triggered Ukip MEP’s sacking

Jean-Claude Juncker accuses David Cameron of confecting row to woo Ukip voters

– George Osborne: Ed Miliband’s cost of living election pitch has been ‘demolished

140mph trains for the North as new HS3 plans revealed

Tories would need £8bn to protect defence spending

Number of Britons paying inheritance tax to almost double by 2020

The Times

RSPCA should forget foxes and focus on essentials

Ukip suspends candidate over finance claims

Labour plans further tax rises

Budget puts Tories in front

Police and courts are at risk of cuts to pay for defence

Growing army of foreign workers forces rethink on future numbers


– LONDON: Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) annual conference.

– BRUSSELS: David Cameron to attend European Council.

– 0915 ABERDEEN: Danny Alexander and Ed Davey outline Government support for the oil industry.

– 0930: ONS public sector finances data.

– 0930 BIRMINGHAM: Senior politicians speak to Federation of Small Businesses.

– 1100 ABERDEEN: Scottish Liberal Democrats spring conference 2015

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