YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by two: CON% 31%, LAB 33%, LD 7%, UKIP 17%, GRN 8%

City A.M.

– UK car production driven up by high demand for premium brands

Daily Mail

Editorial: Hasty vow that may yet break the union

– ‘Savile effect’ leads to huge increase in reporting of sex crimes: Number of cases being reported up by 22% while violent offences also rise by 16%

– Cabinet facing split on plan for cigarettes in plain packaging: Foreign Secretary questions proposals because of concerns it could lead to rise in smuggling

The Express

Editorial: Justice for 91-year-old after 17 months of misery

– EU plan to deport foreign prisoners from UK branded ‘worthless’ after 9 states don’t sign

– Britain’s ‘out of control’ bill blasted as extra EU payment sees Government borrowing soar

– Nicola Sturgeon and Cameron row over Scottish devolution plans

Financial Times

Editorial: Britain’s bold move on plain cigarette packaging

– Middle-income families ‘unscathed’ by UK austerity

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on QE in the eurozone: better late than never

– Tax and benefit changes cost UK households £1,127 a year – study

– NHS will need extra £65bn by 2030, say analysts

– Revised plan for election TV debates proposes including seven parties

The Independent

Editorial: Revised plan for election TV debates proposes including seven parties

– Lord Brittan dies: His final months were marred by smears and innuendo – but no charges that would stick

The Mirror

– George Osborne ‘breaks promise to balance books’ as monthly borrowing soars by £2.8bn

– Britain’s millions of unpaid carers at breaking point and overwhelmed by pressure

The Sun

Editorial: WHEN money is tight you’ve got to get your priorities right. A MINORITY Labour government propped up by the Scottish Nationalists is the doomsday scenario facing us after May’s election.

– Boris battles I.S.

– Only 40 of 250 returning jihadis in UK face prosecution

The Telegraph

Editorial: Telegraph View: The crisis in the eurozone proves that Britain was wise to stay out. One size does not fit all of Europe’s economies

– Labour’s coalition hopes boosted as DUP leader says he can ‘do business’ with Ed Miliband

– Enshrining Britain’s aid contributions in law would hurt poor countries, says Lord Lawson

The Times

Editorial: This hospital failed for being bad, not for being privately run

– Bonanza for Britain as cash floods into Europe

– Brighton Greens at war over tax rise


– 0930 LONDON: Retail sales figures for December are published by the Office for National Statistics.

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