The Telegraph

– Ed Miliband ‘attacked before TV debate’: live


Sky News

– Cameron And Miliband In Their Own Words

– ‘Tough Enough’ Miliband Battles With Cameron


The Mirror

– Cameron vs Miliband: 5 things we learned from the live TV interviews

– Ed Miliband comes out all guns blazing as David Cameron suffers TV mauling


The Independent

– Ed Miliband strikes back: Am I tough enough? Hell yes. Would I have a pint with David Cameron? No, but I would share a bacon sarnie

– Emotional scenes in Parliament as Speaker John Bercow heads off attempt to oust him


The Guardian

– Election 2015: Cameron edges Miliband in first leaders’ interviews – live reaction


The Times

– Leaders put the economy first in trial by television

– I’m not going anywhere, vows emotional Bercow as coup fails

– Cameron asks for time to finish the job


The Express

– Ed Miliband attacked in street by thugs wearing masks of SNP ex-leader Alex Salmond

– Leaders’ debate: Cameron v Miliband – who emerged victorious from fierce Paxman grilling?


The Mail

– ‘Are you OK Ed? Are you all right?’ Paxman’s words of comfort after mauling Miliband who is branded a ‘geek’ who knifed his brother in the back – as poll says Cameron wins first TV contest… but only just

– Miliband came over all Mr Muscle. Am I tough? Hell yes! QUENTIN LETTS reviews the first TV election battle

– Tories pledge to deport illegal immigrants first, then hear appeals later: Home Secretary wants to put illegal immigrants on a plane before they have chance to appeal

– How an SNP deal with Labour would cost us £148billion: Party’s plans involve massive spending spree funded by higher taxes or borrowing 


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