City A.M.

– Rail companies vow to show cheapest tickets on eve of 2.2pc fare hike

– EU VAT rule change could hike the cost of ebooks

– Business predicts 2015: UK wages to rise, Eurozone will avoid deflation and HS2 could be scrapped

Daily Mail

Editorial: The perils of crushing all dissent in the NHS

– Wanted, HR manager for a newsagent and PR boss for takeaway: How Labour’s visa scheme for the ‘highly skilled’ let thousands of migrants con their way into Britain

I’d never use Miriam for a publicity stunt, insists Clegg… while she poses in a women’s magazine as they talk about their marriage and how they fell in love

NHS IS worse in Wales: Crushing blow for Labour as House of Commons study confirms that Mail’s reports were right

TWELVE ambulances carrying sick and injured patients are forced to queue outside under-pressure casualty ward as A&E departments are pushed to breaking point at New Year

This brutal gagging of NHS whistleblowers just means more patients will die, by GARY WALKER, a former NHS boss sacked after speaking out

Jamie Oliver blasts ‘criminal scandal’ of thousands of tons of wonky fruit and vegetables that are thrown away by supermarkets

The Express

Editorial: The economic madness of mass migration laid bare

Stick with us or face chaos warns David Cameron in New Year message

‘Tens of thousands’ could be victims of alleged Westminster child abuse, senior MP warns

EU farce as British taxpayers hand over £1million EACH WEEK for children living outside UK

Financial Times

Editorial: Europe’s best days on the internet could lie ahead

Editorial: Britain’s energy policy needs to be reviewed

Housing benefit pushes up rents, says think-tank report

– Ukip’s tilt to the left upsets traditionalists

– Annual FT economists’ survey: EU referendum would damage economy

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on Paris 2015: the world’s last best chance to reach an agreement on cutting carbon emissions

Editorial: The Guardian view on affordable housing: the developers must be made to show their sums

Ed Balls moves to claim political centre ground for Labour

– Making NHS seven-day service could threaten patients’ safety, say doctors

Need tax advice? Just send us a tweet, says Revenue & Customs

Nigel Farage targets hedge funds as key to Ukip’s financial future

The Independent

Editorial: The case for reintroducing some controls in the market in privately rented property is becoming persuasive

Editorial: Kim’s olive branch: North Korea’s ruler shows himself a master of surprises

– ‘Rip-off railway’: Government accused over runaway fares for packed and aged trains

– Key Government strategy in decline as apprenticeships fall

– Nigel Farage says he will do dry January for his ‘unpredictable’ New Year’s resolution

– Nigel Farage: Ukip could be ‘buried’ if the party is linked with ‘a racist age’

The Sun

Editorial: FOR Cheryl Prudham the welfare system is like Santa visiting all year round. MMIGRATION officers didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory in 2014 – so credit where it’s due over their crackdown on a bogus visa scam. AFTER the joyous family-friendly celebra- tions in London, Edinburgh and elsewhere the ugly face of New Year’s Eve is highlighted by The Sun today.

DEEP splits within Labour burst into the open yesterday as Tony Blair was forced to back Ed Miliband.

Defence savings backfire and cost billions

The Telegraph

Editorial: Tories must make clear where we are heading

Editorial: Nick Clegg’s spotty shame

This Act of folly has condemned us to five years of political torment

Tories rev up for election campaign focused on economy

State won’t cope with volume of sex abuse allegations, MP warns

First Romanian to UK warns fellow countrymen ‘don’t come here’

The Times

Editorial: It’s a disgrace that Britons are renters, not home owners

– Boost for families as petrol heads to £1 a litre

Ed is caught short at Nigel’s local

Commuters subsidise foreign rail travel as season tickets rise again


– Rail fare rise comes into effect. Regulated fares, which include season tickets, rising by no more than 2.5%.

– TELFORD: Chancellor George Osborne will visit Telford.

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