Survation/Sun poll tonight – UKIP vote surges tenfold in Heywood & Middleton by-election to 31%, Lab on 50%

City A.M.

Why the public should condemn the next bank mega fine

– Stop bashing the super rich: You’ll make us all poorer

Daily Mail

– End of human rights farce: In a triumphant week for British values, Tories unveil plans to give Parliament and judges power to ignore the European Court and its crazy decision making

– Tories take poll lead for first time in over two years: Party takes 1% lead after Cameron’s party conference speech

– That’s how you do it Ed! Farage shows Labour leader how to eat a bacon buttie as he campaigns for by-election

The Express

Thatcher went soft on enemies after IRA Brighton bombs, reveal private documents

Two more British Tornado jets join the fight against Islamic State

The Guardian

Conservatives pledge powers to ignore European court of human rights rulings

Lib Dems demand probe into claims Tory aide called Nick Clegg a wanker

Lib Dems call for more proportional parliamentary voting on English laws

Cameron and Miliband under pressure on parties’ tax and spending plans

The Independent

Ukip is ‘serious threat’ to Ed Miliband’s chances of a Labour victory at the next general election, former aide warns

– Boris Johnson: ‘At university I was more of a Green’ – Boris Johnson on why he joined the Conservatives – London Live interview

The Sun

Peer reveals she was groped by Lib Dem MP

Billions ‘wasted’ on green schemes

Now Ed’s Ukippered

The Telegraph

– Westminster whistleblower: ‘MPs bully female staff, or treat them like their mums’

David Cameron’s tax pledge won’t break the bank – but his NHS one might

Levies on business are a burden for us all

The Times

– Let them eat salami . . . Brussels in tussle over our food labels

– Farage’s millionaire donors find ways to save money on tax


– EDINBURGH: Post independence referendum conference.

– 0900 MIDLOTHIAN: Westminster Business Secretary to announce new funding for scientists.

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