YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Another Labour/Tory tie marks a full week without a Labour lead: CON 34%, LAB 34%, LD 6%, UKIP 14%, GRN 7%

City A.M.

UK 10-year borrowing costs hit their lowest ever level

Supermarkets could be hit with 1pc turnover fine if GCA gets new powers

Daily Mail

Editorial: Mass immigration and the ballot box

Police gunmen and jurors at risk after data is lost in the post: Astonishing blunder means officer who sent Mark Duggan may be identified

Child abuse victims received death threats after MPs revealed their identities by publishing leaked evidence from paedophile inquiry

MP’s fears over new guidelines on rape: How do you prove consent was given, he asks

The Express

Editorial: Mum is wrong to think state owes her a living

Union’s war chest cash ‘will buy Labour policy’

Financial Times

Editorial: Data on UK schools should assist parents and pupils

EU reforms to break up big banks at risk

Greens, Ukip and SNP set out plans before UK election

EU reforms to break up big banks at risk

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on statistics in politics: over-counting

Tory David Davis blames Whitehall for Iraq inquiry delay

Labour would halt plans to slash on-call legal aid solicitors

– Tory MPs ‘plotted to sabotage House of Commons documentary

The Independent

Editorial: Tory MPs ‘plotted to sabotage House of Commons documentary

Editorial: Dealing with Isis: Britain and the US are right to object to negotiations – but also not to insist too forcefully that others do likewise

Hard line on immigration could cost Tories the election

Ombudsman resigns over £20,000 train fares

Ed Miliband refuses to rule out a coalition deal with SNP

The Mirror

Jeremy Hunt made NHS strike U-turn but if Tories win there’ll be price to pay

GCSE league table chaos: Posh schools Eton and Harrow among BOTTOM schools after Tory meddling

The Sun

Editorial: PRINCESS Beatrice, her dad says, inherited her mum’s “entrepreneurial streak”. THERE are two conclusions to draw from the fact that 13 hospitals have defiantly increased parking charges. ISLAMIC State, according to MI5, is made up of hopeless young men who had no luck with girls and whose porn use is way higher than average.

Unite hand Ed £2.5m election war chest

Beer sales rise for first time in a decade

May tears into EU states over surge in foreign crooks roaming UK

Senior minister ‘has no idea’ if plain packs will stop Brits smoking

The Telegraph

Editorial: Private schools should not be punished

Editorial: Wrong move on rape

How your wages have fallen since the recession

Wages will rise this year, Institute for Fiscal Studies says

Ministers flood marginal seats to announce £1 billion of extra funding amid claims of partisanship

9 seats that will decide who wins the General Election

The Times

Editorial: Entrepreneurs, stand up to supermarket bullies

Big increase in religious slaughter of animals

Cameron under pressure to save schools from cuts

UKIP Website

Law change on language skills check for Nurses due to determined pressure from UKIP


– 0715 PORTSMOUTH: Chancellor George Osborne to visit Portsmouth Navy Base.

– 0745 SURREY: Business Secretary Vince Cable visiting Kingston University to mark the Government’s progress is widening access to higher education.

– 0930: Bank of England releases its Money and Credit report for December.

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