City AM

Vice adds £10bn to UK economy

– Allister Heath: The global economic recovery remains on track – for now at least

– Bjorni Lomborg: Putin fears an EU fracking bonanza – but environmentalists don’t have to

Daily Telegraph

– NHS chief: we need cottage hospitals

Get tough on EU or election, PM is warned (also in Daily Express)

– Dan Hodges: The war games are over – and it’s the Tories who are smiling

Daily Express

Boost for Tories as bosses predict surge in growth

Flood of migrants boosts population by 1,000 a day  

– Duncan Barkes: We badly need a new minister for senior citizens

– Frederick Forsyth: The slow death of British democracy


Daily Mail

– This shabby whitewash. Grieving Iraq war families’ fury as Cabinet Secretary cooks up deal to keep letters and calls between Blair and Bush secret

– At last! Lib Dems’ ‘sex pest’ peer says sorry to victims

– May: I want to restrict immigration from EU

Deadline triggers scramble to get to UK

Tories will survive the UKIP surge in by-election says poll ​

Joey Barton and a new Question Time low


The Times

Immigration will push population up by 4m

– Phillip Collins: The crushed Lib Dems have a bright future


The Independent

Cutbacks for everyone, apart from the Office for Budget Responsibility

– Mark Steel: All these anti-immigration arguments are beginnning to make sense. After all, we don’t want people here who are useful, do we? incl mentions for UKIP

– Nigel Farage: Here in Brussels, you’d have though the elections had never happened


The Guardian

New doubt over Scottish wealth

– Simon Jenkins: However Scotland votes, an exciting new era beckons


Financial Times

Google bows to EU privacy ruling


The Sun

– Was Ukip’s European elections support just an angry protest? ​

– UKIP. Tories to win 2,300 majority. Farage slump after Euro poll

– MP Bigot storm. 5 years on, Labour slur Gordon Brown row gran AGAIN

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