City AM

– Allister Heath: Job cuts in the City: A case study in political double standards 

– Marc Sidwell: Why our real crisis is government silencing the sound and fury of capitalism

– Roger Barker: Why the government doesn’t need to protect Astrazeneca from Pfizer

Daily Telegraph

– Taxman has power to raid your bank accounts (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Times)

– Gove: Ofsted should rate private schools (also in Daily Mail)

Cameron cannot deliver on his Euro promise, warns Clegg

– Nigel Farage: ‘Radical pro-independence protesters will not intimidate me‘ 

– Prime Minister will debate Nigel Farage on television in the run-up to the 2015 General Election as he attacks ‘incompetent’ UKIP

– It was once banned. But now the Prime Minister can’t stop saying the F-word (that being Farage)

Police computer chief was paid three times Prime Minister’s salary

Customers must be told whenever meat is halal, MPs urge

We cannot change EU treaties to help Britain, warns Barroso

– Jeremy Warner: Household debt is Britain’s hidden timebomb


Daily Express

Benefit war working as 6,000 claimants forced to find a job

Labour’s class war TV ad divides party

Let women fight on the front line. Defence Secretary tells Army to end macho image


The Times

Ethnic minority voters will flock to UKIP, says Farage

– Nigel Farage: Never again can they call UKIP a racist party

– Carmakers put the brakes on Europe’s tough pollution tests


The Independent

Government’s links with Pfizer deal-brokers under the spotlight

In-work benefit claimants up 59% under Coalition

– Nigel Farage: The attempts of a few won’t stop us from taking part in democracy (no link available at present)


The Guardian

No 10 woos Ulster MPs in case of hung parliament

Move to label meat by slaughter method


The Sun


Daily Events

No sessions in House of Commons or House of Lords


– CBI Economic Forecast briefing under embargo. Embargoed to 0001 Monday. The CBI will publish its latest economic forecast at a press briefing hosted by John Cridland, CBI Director-General, and Katja Hall, CBI Chief Policy Director, who will also discuss political risks and policy priorities for the next government.

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