YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour and Tories tied: CON 33%, LAB 33%, LD 8%, UKIP 13%, GRN 7%

City A.M.

– General Election 2015: Miliband, Farage and Clegg accuse Cameron of “running scared” from televised leader debates after refusing to appear without Green Party

– Charlie Hebdo: UK border controls tightened after Paris shootings

Daily Mail

Editorial: Standing together in the fight for liberty

– The Finsbury Park connection: How one of Paris attack suspects was mentored by terrorist linked to notorious London mosque

– Farage cannot divide us: Fury at ‘sickening’ attempt by Ukip to use Paris shootings to score political points on multiculturalism

A million flock to A&E because they can’t see their GP: Figures prove lack of appointments driving crisis

The Express

Editorial: Chilling attack in France raises the terror stakes

David Cameron will refuse TV debates if the Greens are excluded

– ‘We can’t stop terror attacks‘ warns MI5 chief

Charlie Hebdo suspects were on US no-fly list AND had links to London mosque

Financial Times

Editorial: Britain’s NHS stumbles towards a winter crisis

Editorial: Obama must grasp the chance for deals on trade

Tories in northern blitz to woo region’s voters

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on the response to terror: the attack on Charlie Hebdo was a crime, not an act of war

Editorial: The Guardian view on Charlie Hebdo: show solidarity, but in your own voice

MI5 chief seeks new powers after Paris magazine attack

NHS to rein in cost of Cancer Drugs Fund

More than a million working households are in fuel poverty

The Independent

Editorial: More than a million working households are in fuel poverty

– NHS funding: Many parts of England not getting their ‘fair share,‘ claims report

Chuka Umunna accuses eurosceptic Tories of muzzling business leaders

The Mirror

David Cameron told ”stop making excuses” after trying to snub live TV general election debates

The Sun

Editorial: MUSLIMS, in the coming weeks, will have to justify their place in Western society. BARRING the Greens from party election broadcasts would be absurd. YOU’D think a cop of all people would know that successful crooks cover their tracks.

Tories tried to rig radio appearance

Health workers for elderly to be paid more under Labour

Mansion Tax could cost Labour 10 seats

German officials spy on Tory Eurosceptics

The Telegraph

Editorial: Telegraph View: allowing a quango to decide who participates in the election debates is laughably anachronistic

Editorial: Telegraph View: the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo raises questions about Western security. Failure to address them would dishonour the dead

– General election debates: the other parties should call David Cameron’s bluff

We must always be free to criticise ideas like Islam

Postcode lottery in health funding ‘made worse by immigration’

MP battling to save seat in ‘toxic’ Tory rebellion after fiancee moves in with his aide

The Times

Editorial: Don’t spy on bogus weddings. Change the rules instead

Tens of thousands of homes in brownfield building boom

Ukip is a ‘major party’ and can join television debates

Britain failed to warn BP before al-Qaeda attack

UKIP Website

A & E crisis hitting hospitals could be eased if paperwork burden was eased on family doctors

– Video: Nigel Farage on Paris terror attacks


– 1500 NEW YORK: Abu Hamza sentenced over terrorism offences.

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