The Independent’s Poll of Polls: Con 31, Lab 34, LD 8, UKIP 15, Other 12

Latest YouGov / The Sun results 10th July – Con 34%, Lab 37%, LD 8%, UKIP 12%



Patrick O’Flynn MEP ​urges UKIP members to protest against Cameron’s latest sell-out to Brussels Full story


City AM

– Portugal crisis rocks markets Full story

– Five-year surge for London to eclipse EU rivals Full story

– Guy Herbert: Some emergency: Why Whitehall won’t give up control over your personal data Full story


Daily Telegraph

– Extending pension age ‘only way to clear debt’ Full story

– Tories attack May and PM over European arrest warrant Full story

– – David Cameron will have to campaign for Britain to leave EU in 2017, Lord Lawson says Full story

– The make it up as you go along brigade. Head of the Air Force attacks ministers who ‘are only interested in being seen to do something but then stall over costs’ (also in Daily Mail) Full story

– Councils face snooping ban in terror crackdown (no link available)

– Jeremy Warner: Our national religion (the NHS) doesn’t have a prayer Full story


Daily Express

– Emergency laws uphold MI5’s right to snoop on phones, texts and emails Full story

– Thousands head to UK as crisis grips southern Europe Full story


Daily Mail

– Howard in running to be Britain’s next EU Commissioner Full story

– Now councils says it will only empty bins every three weeks Full story

– Ken Clarke claimed an 11p ruler on expenses Full story

– Great national strike turns into a damp squib Full story

– MPs slam Cable over botched Royal Mail sale that cost us £1bn Full story

– 1,000 criminals with 100 convictions get just a slap on the wrist Full story


The Times

– Blow to tax cut hope of top earners (no link available)

– Tory Right closes ranks in bid to save under-fire minister Owen Paterson Full story


The Guardian

– Cameron makes concessions to rush through snooping law Full story

– Stomach surgery to rise sharply under NHS obesity plan Full story

– Biggest strike in three years sparks furore over Tory plan for ballot law Full story

– Cameron’s surveillance bill makes a drama out of a non-existent crisis Full story


The Independent

– Cameron plots to bring back snoopers’ charter // Surveillance law rushed through after ECJ ruling exposed Britain Full story

– MP warns of ‘establishment stitch-up’ over BBC Trust job Full story

– Tories flatline with the voters despite growth in economy Full story

– Nigel Farage: The success enjoyed by the City of London owes nothing to the EU Full story


The Sun

– ‘Snoop’ law plan to keep UK safe Full story

– Gove’s armed farces. £2m scheme unveiled in 2010 to train Army heroes into teachers has flopped with just 41 recruits so far​ Full story


Daily Events

House of Commons

– No business announced


House of Lords

– No business announced​

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