This post is merely to advise readers that on Mondays to Fridays we rely on receipt of a Daily News Brief from Party HQ which is circulated to a lot of people. In fact, many of you may receive it directly.

Clearly, in the heart of the election campaign with our party’s limited resources, HQ staff can be very busy, so it doesn’t always happen.

Of course, UKIP Daily does regularly publish the following routine news items, so don’t miss those:

  • Courant Times on most evenings, courtesy of Glen Wilson. Non-publication is a rare event, but the content is more selective (i.e. pro-UKIP!) than the across-the-papers set of hyperlinks from the Daily News Brief.
  • At weekends, we do the “Papers” articles, with extracts from key articles, often contrasting the different approaches of different papers.

Also, all our editors (we have a team of 5 who do rotas) are themselves volunteers, and most of us are tied up in campaigns in our constituencies and many have jobs too. Notwithstanding that, we do our best.  Please bear with us, and if there is anyone out there who is a budding editor (with WordPress experience ideally), writer or promoter (drawing the traffic into the site) then please get in touch with us.

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