City A.M.

Businesses back new deal with the EU

Scotland will lose its brightest brains if it becomes independent, scientists say

Children to study computer programming and financial numeracy as new subjects added to school timetables

New terror powers to bar suspect Brits fighting in Iraq and Syria from UK

Daily Mail

Gas costs you THREE times what the energy firms pay: Millions of households being ripped off after wholesale cost halves in six months

We can do deal on migrants and benefits to keep Britain on board, says new EU chief: Donald Tusk says it would be a ‘dark scenario’ if the UK were to leave

Pupils facing tough new curriculum as school year starts: Foreign languages will be compulsory at primary schools and children will learn computer programming in biggest shake-up for a decade

– Selling out! Super vacs hoovered up by shoppers as they continue to criticise EU ban on powerful machines in an attempt to save energy

Up to 100 Eurosceptic Tory MPs set to defy David Cameron and promise to vote to leave the EU in 2017 referendum

The Express

David Cameron losing grip as sacked Tory minister ‘had lunch with Ukip benefactor’

EU red tape is ‘hitting pensioners hard’ as payouts are hammered by Brussels regulations

Tories face wipeout as Ukip warns of a ‘political landslide’

The Guardian

– David Cameron gives spy agencies power to vet airline flight lists

Tories should give Ukip free run in Clacton, MP suggests

Gordon Brown blamed for Labour’s lost credibility on economy

Douglas Carswell, Clacton, Ukip and coastal culture

The Independent

– ‘More energy’ will win Labour election

Tory Eurosceptics to defy Cameron with manifesto pledges in next year’s general election

– Isis terror threat: Michael Fallon defends Government action against ‘very real’ terrorist threats

The Sun

Chuka warns Ed, Labour needs ‘energy’

Tory turncoat could open Ukip floodgates

Cam and Clegg in powers struggle

PM job for SAS legend

Free state boarding schools for poorest children

– Top Tory: Give Ukip Clacton walkover

The Telegraph

– Boarding school plan to transform troubled children’s chances

– How British MEPs are outvoted time and again in Brussels

– MP demands secret ballot on ‘lame duck’ Speaker

Only with a new hub airport will Britain truly take off (Boris article)

– Tory MP Chris Kelly to stand down after just one term  (He knows UKIP will beat him in 2015)

The Times

Reclaim our borders, PM warned

– Osborne ponders British exit as dismay with Europe grows

– Rotherham: officials tried to have abuse report rewritten

Nato countries urged to raise defence spending

– Where Tories should be wary of Ukip


– New EU vacuum cleaner energy label comes into force.

– 0930: Bank of England releases its Money and Credit report for July.

– 0930 DUNFERMLINE: Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, Vernon Coaker MP, will unveil the latest Scottish Labour campaign poster, highlighting the “threat” posed to jobs in Scotland’s defence industry by independence.

– 1100 BANBRIDGE: Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry.

– 1530 (not before) LONDON: David Cameron statement on counter-terrorism measures. House of Commons.

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