City A.M.

– Ed Miliband stokes fear over Brexit.

 Over 1,000 business leaders support fundamental change to Britain’s relationship with the EU.

– Ed Miliband to come out fighting for Britain’s EU membership as leadership crisis escalates.

– From overtime holiday pay and immigration to the EU bill and John Lewis’ Christmas advert: 10 things we learned this week.

Daily Mail

– Is there no one left in Britain who can make a sandwich? Firm that supplies M&S and Tesco is forced to recruit 300 staff in HUNGARY.


The Express

– Lone wolf terrorists ‘biggest threat to UK’. 

– Labour’s turmoil as ‘posse’ plots a coup to replace Ed Miliband.

– EU migrants banned from claiming jobless benefits under new tory plans.

– Tories losing out most to Ukip.

Financial Times

– avid Cameron commits to £15bn roads investment.

– Britain and the cuts: Election winner faces unfinished business. 

– Britain and the cuts: Non-protected departments in line of fire. 

The Guardian

– CBI calls for tax cuts and childcare subsidies for working families.

– Rochester byelection: local health concerns overshadow Europe.

– Energy tsar to be paid £1m over three years.

– Fact and fiction blur in tales of tax avoidance.

The Independent

– UK carbon emissions: The stench of missed targets as the Coalition’s green credentials are ‘torn up and thrown out’.

– Labour funding crisis: Jewish donors drop ‘toxic’ Ed Miliband.

– Councils paid to cut smoking, but have £2bn of tobacco shares.

– Fire brigades could be run like John Lewis if Tories win next election.

– More university students means more drop-outs, claims senior vice-chancellor.

The Sun

– War widows free to remarry without losing £7,200 pensions.

– Nigel Farage slams Westminster elite over Cenotaph snub.

– Motorists and MPs demand petrol price-fixing investigation.

– Nigel’s Brand-aid.

– Three-party deal fears.

The Telegraph

– Theresa May to face down Tory rebels over arrest warrant.

– Let’s make shale a gift that keeps on giving.

– David Cameron opposes cutting soldier numbers after next election, head of Armed Forces reveals.

– Ukip plot to unseat Ed Miliband at the general election.

– Ditching Ed Miliband will not change the fact that ‘socialism’ has no relevance these days.

The Times

– Scandal of men failed by prostate cancer care.

– Miliband has lost public confidence, aide admits.

– Terror attack is inevitable, say police as plots escalate.

– Mansion tax will be catastrophe for charity, peer warns.


– ​LONDON: CBI annual conference.

– 0930 LONDON: Trial of man charged with religiously aggravated assault on George Galloway.

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