City A.M.
– Trouble for Ukip? Poll shows most Brits think the UK is better off in the EU

– General election 2015 TV debates: David Cameron “running scared” says Ed Miliband

Daily Mail
Editorial: Brave call from plain speaking minister

Immigration ‘is not key election issue’ for Tories: Subject does not feature among six key themes on party’s manifesto despite it being voters’ top concern

Miliband refuses to disown claim he plans to ‘weaponise’ the NHS to win power… despite being asked SEVEN times

Super-sized bottles of white cider sold at ‘pocket money prices’ to be BANNED by Labour

Inflation set to fall below 1% for first time since 2002 after price of food and fuel falls

Crossrail facing major signal problems which could prevent any trains from running in 2018 when £15billlion line is due to open

The Express
Army recruits to be asked if they are gay

Security to be stepped up on British jihadis

Graduate jobs boom this summer as job numbers reach decade high

Passport plans spark human rights fears

David Cameron warns voters over ‘legacy of debt’

Labour party calls for regulations forcing utilities to cut fuel bills

The Guardian
Editorial: British car sales zoom ahead, but for how long? 

Nine-year-old boy to appear before parliament to oppose high-speed rail 

Bus crisis looms as councils cut services ‘at an alarming rate’, campaigners say

– David Cameron: Labour election win would put UK on path to ruin 

– David Cameron: ‘snoopers charter’ will re-appear after Tory election win

The Independent

Editorial: Paris attacks: Intelligence is the best defence 

Government urged to come clean over decision to cut benefits of mentally ill man Tim Salter who killed himself

Cameron’s six themes for the election – and they don’t include health or immigration

MPs could be elected with the backing of just one in six voters

The Mirror
George Osborne plans ANOTHER tax break for millionaires if Tories win election

David Cameron’s zealots are still selling the NHS to the highest bidder

The Sun
Editorial: SAJID Javid is right. IT was incredibly moving to see two million people come together yesterday in Paris to stand up for freedom. THERE is nothing wrong with any of David Cameron’s six election themes. THEY may have messed with Man United and got away with it.

SHADOW Cabinet ministers are pushing Ed Miliband to rule out any deal to govern with the SNP.

The Telegraph
Editorial: The lasting message of ‘Nous sommes Charlie’

Editorial: Harming the NHS

The cancer drugs patients are to be denied on NHS

Britain’s deficit must be cut for future generations, David Cameron says

Ed Miliband said he wanted to ‘weaponise’ NHS in secret meeting with BBC executives

– General election debates: Will David Cameron and Ed Miliband turn up?

The Times
Editorial: We are wasting cash on cancer treatment for the terminally ill

Spain seeks stronger border controls

Anti-Islam protests spread in Europe after Paris terror

PM keeps quiet on migration and NHS 

Stop wasting cancer drugs on the dying, says former minister

– 1120 EAST MIDLANDS: David Cameron speech.
– 1400 LONDON: Network Rail publish report into Christmas engineering overrruns.
– 1415 LEEDS: Transport for the North’s first meeting to discuss the building plans for the Northern Powerhouse.
– 1600 LONDON: Theresa May and Chris Grayling at European Scrutiny Committee.

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