City A.M

– Sir Malcolm Rifkind to ask for details of UK references in CIA torture report.

– David Miliband hints at return to politics but still supports his brother as leader of the Labour party. 

Daily Mail

Editorial: Unvarnished truth on torture has to emerge.

– FIVE HOSTAGES ESCAPE: Two women and three men break free from a Sydney cafe as police ‘make contact’ with Muslim extremist armed with a shotgun, machete and suspected bomb.​ ​

– Blair and Straw should ‘absolutely’ be quizzed over British complicity in torture, says former home secretary Alan Johnson.

The Express

– Farage on Friday: Question Time was NOT about Brand but raised how we are failing children.

– If we work hard we can get UK out the EU, vows Ukip MP.

Financial Times

Editorial: The Cancer Drugs Fund is a costly mistake.

Editorial: Central banks lift the veil on more of their secrets.

– Cameron ‘fails’ on vow to cut business red tape.

– Britain looks for treaty shortcuts on Europe legal path.

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on Jim Murphy: Scottish Labour’s new leader faces a huge task.

Editorial: The Guardian view on the Lima climate change conference: a skirmish before the real battle.

– Jim Murphy seeks clause four rewrite to stop Labour decline in Scotland.

– Tories will slash school spending, Liberal Democrats claim.

The Independent

Editorial: Britain must face up to torture.

– Labour to limit unpaid internships to a month to stop best jobs going to the richest.

– Philip Davies, the master of filibuster and friend to rogue landlords.

– Kerry Smith resigns as Ukip candidate in top target seat following homophobic and racist remarks.

– Shock poll shows voters believe Ukip is to the left of the Tories.

The Sun

Editorial: WE’VE all spent ages on hold for a utility firm’s customer services. IF we all took the Defence Secretary literally we’d be digging nuclear bunkers. THE national debt isn’t some unimaginable figure no one need worry about. IT’S official. There was a Beast of Bodmin.

– Migrants poll piles pressure on the PM.

– SUN on Sunday columnist Guido Fawkes weighs in on sexism in the Labour party — after male Labour MP Frank Doran claimed the post of fisheries minister would be unsuitable for a woman.

– SNOOTY lords are in a huff after their subsidised restaurants were opened up to ordinary workers.

– Farage: Neil Hamilton’s Tory past is a ‘burden’.

The Telegraph

Editorial: Climate change talks. Plus ça change…

– Nigel Farage reveals his ‘big regret’ in booze-fuelled Gogglebox interrogation.

– And they’re off: the 2015 general election campaign officially starts this Friday.

– Labour’s secret Ukip strategy: full details of what the party admits in leaked document.

– Revealed: Labour MPs told not to campaign on immigration in secret Ukip strategy document.

The Times

Editorial: Disturbed children need a doctor, not a night in the cells.

– Black cloud of Labour will wreck economy, PM warns.

– Elderly NHS burden ‘smaller than thought’.

– Employers face jail for paying foreigners less than Britons.


– Miliband Immigration Speech​

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