City AM

– George Osborne and Mark Carney hit by interest rate stitch-up row

– In graphs: UK is “halfway to recovery” says Carney

– Three reasons why it looks like wages are doing so badly – Bottom Line

Daily Telegraph

– Humble tastes of the man tipped to be Britain’s first black prime minister

Marriage must be at the centre of Tory policy

– Alex Salmond refuses to reveal which currency he would ‘settle for’ before referendum

– Independence referendum: Here’s why Scotland will vote No (probably)

– Team Scotland could be left out of Rio 2016 after independence, UK sports bodies fear​

Daily Express

Welfare squads to target problem families costing UK £30bn

Complaints hotline exposes groping MPs

Boris tipped to oust Theresa May as Home Secretary

Daily Mail

– Britain dragged deeper into Iraq conflict: 150 more special forces on way as minister says mission will take months

Failing hospitals in denial, says watchdog: Chief inspector says public’s love of NHS should not blind them to the need to improve

– How half of Gordon Brown’s Downing Street aides took over charities and think-tanks … then carried on attacking the Tories

– DOMINIC LAWSON: The Lib-Dems’ lies about jobs and the EU would put Goebbels to shame ​​

The Times

– ‘Labour will be damaged by feminine side’

– Independent Scotland could lose royal family

– Pressure on Cameron to make deal detering EU immigrants

Courts accused of wasting £230m a year by locking up suspects awaiting a trial

The Guardian

Whose fault is poverty? The election blame game is on

Lib Dems pledge to continue free access to 15 leading national museums

Australian Senate official’s warning to House of Commons clerk: full email

Russian sanctions start to bite as growth forecasts are downgraded

Over-65s in work increases to more than one million since start of coalition

The Independent

– Warning for hospitals on NHS sick list as chief inspector says struggling facilities are ‘in denial’ over poor care

– All government policies must pass ‘family test’ before becoming law

– Disgusting, frustrating, but intriguing: how the country really feels about its politicians

– Liberal Democrats are accused of ‘underhand racism‘ and having ‘Neanderthal views’ on diversity by London riots heroine​

Freeze rail fares and win votes, unions tell Ed Miliband

Financial Times

– US banks plan ahead for UK exit from EU

Councils privatise their legal departments

Human rights reform unlikely ‘without leaving EU’

– Labour accuses Tories of ‘wrong priorities’ as classroom sizes rise

The Sun

£300 rail rise ‘just not fare’

Are we sleepwalking into a police state?

Tornados in Iraq sorties ‘for months’​

SEVENTY kids in a class​

12-point drivers to face curb by courts​

Daily Events

– 1000 LONDON: Former royal aide in court on historic child sex charges.

– 1030 LONDON: Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt speech.

– 1100 LONDON: Only Downing Street Lobby briefing of week.

– 1200 ARBROATH: Ministerial visits before Cabinet meeting. Scottish Government ministers will make a series of visits in Arbroath before a final cabinet meeting before the referendum.

– 1300 ARBROATH: First Minister to view Declaration of Arbroath.

– 1630 ARBROATH: Scottish Cabinet meets for the final time before the referendum.


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