Opinium Poll: Lab 33%, Con 28%, UKIP 20%, Lib 7%, Green 6%

Daily Mail

Editorial: On wages and NHS, Labour’s fox is shot

Bosses fear indecisive election result: Survey of city’s biggest names says unclear election outcome could harm the recovery

I won’t tell you how much tax I pay after all, says PM: Cameron quietly ditches plan to release details ahead of the Election

Clegg defies the polls and says: I’d make a deal with Dave OR Ed after he dismisses predictions his party will lose half their seats

The Express

Editorial: No offence but we must safeguard our freedom

Britain is Europe’s ‘jobs factory’ says Cameron

Two thirds of Ukip supporters think party will form part of government after May elections. (UKIP Daily’s own in-depth analysis of this poll and study is here)

The Conservative Party are ‘essentially racist’ according to former Tory aide

– David Cameron: Plummeting oil prices will help fund wage rises

Financial Times

Tories pledge £300m for UK entrepreneur start-up loans

Farage calls time on fanfare as Ukip launch election campaign

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on the Church of England and politics

Labour accuse Tories of trying to push through pet projects before election

Theresa May pledges extra police patrols to counter anti-Semitism threat

The Independent

Editorial: Tax and mend: Fiscal policy can help bridge the divide between North and South

Editorial: Could do better on education policy, Mr Clegg

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls urged Brown to hold snap election before economy fell ‘off a cliff’

Councils rely on local ‘street champions’ to pick up litter, prune hedges and grit minor roads as funds run out

The Mirror

– NHS in crisis: Record number of nurses off sick because of stress

One in THREE voters still don’t know who to vote for in the General Election

The Sun

Editorial: “HE is arrogant, untrustworthy and procrastinates over everything.” WHY shouldn’t drunks pay for treatment in our crisis-hit A&E departments? ISN’T the war on drivers meant to be over? THE two-legged pup who’s found new life as a kangaroo impersonator is as heart-warming a tale as we can imagine.

Charge drunks for using A&E, say Brits

Harriet’s harmin’ party’s debt plan

Exclusive poll shows Coalition’s economic strategy is working

The Telegraph

Editorial: Labour has no answer to the Tories’ jobs miracle

Editorial: Give voters something concrete, Ed

Labour’s energy freeze is dead and Ed has nothing else to offer

Most Conservatives want more immigration, centre-right think tank tells David Cameron

Jean-Claude Juncker compares British membership of EU to doomed romance

The Times

Editorial: If we cut policing’s golden thread, we will all be in danger

Plunging fuel prices give boost to family spending

‘Happy’ NHS patients in exodus from private care

Keep police on beat to fight terror, says ex-chief

TB in England ‘to overtake US by 2016


– 1000 LONDON: Nick Clegg speech at mental health conference.

– 1015 SUFFOLK: David Cameron speech.

– 1800 LONDON: David Laws speech on “effective government in 2015 and beyond”.

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