City AM

Labour plans new low pay rules based on average hourly wages (also in The Independent)

– European election: stakes are high as polls tighten. It’s not just UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s reputation at stake when the nation goes to the ballot box

– City A.M. joins Chuka Umunna: a Brexit would be catastrophic for London firms
– On the road with Grant Shapps: The Tory touring Britain in the fight against Ukip

Daily Telegraph

– Farage tries to dampen claims of racism and urges voters to join ‘People’s Army‘ in Euro poll

– Full page UKIP ad, page 13 (see below)

Cameron cools on target date to cut migration

– Boris Johnson: You kip if you want to – but only one party can offer real change

– Cartoon features Nigel Farage

– Editorial: Prepare for a noisy and tight European election

Daily Express

– Blair’s EU deal has cost Britain billions

– Immigrants ‘must respect our culture’ says minister (also in Daily Mail)

– This Thursday the country goes to the polls in the European Parliament elections – and UKIP is threatening to rewrite the electoral map

Daily Mail

– Farage ‘used N-word to dismiss black vote‘ alleges Alan Sked

– Don’t panic! Clegg tries to calm Lib Dem jitters

The Times

– No 10 tries to block socialist’s bid for European presidency

– Farage admits he was wrong over race row

– Universities campaign to stay in EU

– Matt Ridley: If Nigel Farage was Gladstone I’d vote for him. You rarely find governments that stay clear of both boardroom and bedroom. A new liberal realignment is needed

The Guardian

Farage has nasty view of world, says Clegg

– Patrick Wintour: Miliband’s problems with the ‘kippers

– Larry Elliott: EU’s voters will do little to end the crisis

– Chris Huhne: Your MEPs really matter

The Independent

– Editorial: If opinion in Britain is steadily warming towards the EU, many assumptions driving politics will have to change

A nation of eurosceptics? British support for EU is strong and rising

Financial Times

UKIP poised for greater presence in Brussels

Labour seeks to chip away at Conservative council majority

The Sun

– Race-row Farage: I was tired

– Nick Clegg says EU bid “doomed”

– Sun Says: Two-face Nigel

– Is UKIP leader voice of nation… or bigoted menace?

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