City A.M

Osborne puts his money on road building

Daily Mail

Editorial: How much pain must middle classes take?

Dawn in suburbia: Up to 200 migrants join queue for work… outside a north-west London bar called the Honeypot

NHS staff are failing patients with dementia: Hundreds are dying on wards rather than at home surrounded by families because they are not seen as having a terminal illness

The Express

Editorial: Osborne will give ailing NHS a much needed boost

Tories’ grammar school bid 

Tory backlash over fears Cameron won’t deliver on migrant cuts

– £8.5bn compensation for millions cheated in pension sales scam

ONE MILLION Poles set to hit Britain’s shores

Financial Times

Editorial: The economic collapse of Ukraine must be halted 

Student votes to decide election result in at least 10 UK seats 

Crackdown on tax abuses by technology companies

Ministers set to claim credit now for projects in next parliament

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on George Osborne’s plans for a deficit law: it’s stupid economics

Alan Johnson interested in cabinet post if Labour wins general election

– George Osborne’s targeting of corporate tax dodges faces voter scepticism

Four years on: from the emergency budget to the autumn statement 2014

The Independent

Editorial: Empty promises? The Chancellor’s offer of extra money to the NHS is misleading. We need to know how he will pay for it

– George Osborne’s cuts ‘risk putting UK in breach of UN Convention on children’s rights’

New election rules affecting students could make or break Nick Clegg’s chances in 2015 

– Autumn Statement: Bleak borrowing prediction rocks George Osborne’s deficit hopes

The Sun

Editorial: THE treatment of the cops who exposed Plebgate is a national disgrace that shames the Met Police and its commissioner.

13,000 slaves hidden in UK

I was arrested, silenced and sacked… for exposing ‘plebs’ MP Andrew Mitchell

The Telegraph

Editorial: Devolution should not stop at Scotland

Editorial: More money isn’t the right prescription for the NHS

Indonesia adores the Brits, so why aren’t we trading there?

Nearly 1m more middle earners to be dragged into 40p tax band despite David Cameron’s conference pledge

Ed Miliband is not doing enough to hold George Osborne to account, says Alan Johnson

The Times

Editorial: Throwing back fish is a crime that must be stopped

Over half of crime chiefs accused of misconduct 

Private-school confidence ‘hurts society’

Mental health patients held in cells as NHS cannot cope

Corporate avoidance is morally wrong, say voters

– NORTHHUMBERLAND: UKIP Deputy leader to launch UKIP North East campaign HQ.

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