City A.M.

A major fire has broken out at Didcot B Power Station

NHS could save £1bn each year by treating patients at pharmacies instead of hospitals or GP clinics, says professional body

Daily Mail

Labour’s NHS shame exposed: Mail investigation reveals meltdown in Labour-run Welsh NHS with police probing allegations of horrifying neglect

Travellers take over a seafront: Council bid to force out caravans as they set up home beside yacht club, marina and gym

£170,000-a-year ‘superhead’ blew £4,500 on a new desk and £1,700 on a fridge

The Express

Regaining control of our borders is key to our future, says Leo McKinstry

​- Is Ukip about to make history in Rochester?

Taxpayer handouts to fund large-scale solar farms to be axed

Cameron’s immigration cap in tatters as EU president says it would be ‘ILLEGAL’

– Farage: ‘Rochester is high noon for Cameron – he’ll face leadership challenge if he loses’

Financial Times

Miliband’s plan to raise minimum wage comes under fire

Treasury rules out election giveaways as tax revenues fall short

Barroso warns Britain it would be irrelevant outside EU

The Guardian

Ukip defector Douglas Carswell on leaving the Tories: ‘They think Love Actually is a manual for how to govern the country’

– José Manuel Barroso: David Cameron making ‘historic’ mistake over EU

David Cameron vows to create 3m apprenticeships

–  Hung parliament following the 2015 general election ‘would hurt economy’

The Independent

Government thinks Love Actually is a manual for how to run the country, says Douglas Carswell

Three main parties attacked for their lack of ambition over ‘lamentable’ child poverty failure – by Government’s own anti-poverty tsar

– Big Society exclusive: Taxpayer-funded grants were paid ‘under intense pressure’ to Cameron-founded charity by Nesta

The Sun

Axe VAT plea

Europe chief KO’s PM cap on migrants

I’ll do it buy way

The Telegraph

Axe fixed term parliaments and stop ‘cossetting’ MPs, says top Tory

– Ed Miliband’s £8 an hour minimum wage will make people worse off, says former Labour Cabinet minister

MPs are less popular then they think they are, surveys show

Plans to keep MPs in line are an insult to voters

The Times

Police use loophole to hack phones and email

Negative Cameron is forcing UK out of Europe, says EU president

Savers’ cash to push house prices higher

40,000 more families face having benefits capped to fund apprenticeships

Pensioners who fail to do the maths will run out of money after five years


– 0830 LONDON: EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso speaking at Chatham House.

– 0900 LONDON: Nick Clegg monthly press conference.

– 0900: Radiographers strike.

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