City AM

Banks gear up to battle bonus cap
– David Cameron : Rights of Scottish MPs should be limited following referendum
Downing Street confirms that government will follow through on devolution
– Ed Miliband at the Labour Party conference: How long would it take Europe’s minimum wage employees to buy a Big Mac?
Ed Miliband promises minimum wage rise should Labour win next general election

Daily Mail

Ed refuses to back English home rule 13 times! Labour leader warns move could create two classes of MP and ‘drive our country apart’
– We’re struggling, say the have-lots on £370k a year: The ‘squeezed upper-middle’ find it hard to maintain private education and huge properties despite six-figure salaries
The foreign killers living in Britain who are monitored by email only: Shocking revelation as hunt for suspect in case of missing Alice Gross becomes biggest since 7/7
High rail fares could spark riots in London unless they come down, warns London transport chief

The Guardian

– Labour pledge: pay cut for ministers, child benefit cap, but more NHS cash
Defeat of Isis cannot be achieved without ground troops, says Tony Blair
– Caroline Flint: Labour pledges to insulate five million draughty homes
– Labour party conference: the code of silence sounds all wrong
Northern English councils demand more powers from Westminster

The Independent

Working parents lose out on free school meals
– Labour Party conference: Ed Balls to set out plan to freeze child benefit to balance books
– Labour Party Conference: Labour would abolish PCCs to save £50m

The Times

Cameron wants vote on English home rule
Tesco woes continue as it oversates profits by £250m
Miliband ‘playing political football’ with £8 wage
Work with ‘extremist’ groups, says expert
Global disaster is 30 years away, say climate scientists
Labour plans to use Obama’s secret weapon

The Express

– Emergency summit on England’s future: PM to draw up plan on English votes for English laws
– Alarm over ‘brain drain’ as thousands of GPs flee NHS stress
Migrant threat ‘made UK pay Calais £12m

The Sun

– Labour MPs think Govt spending ‘about right’
Ed’s pledge to raise minimum wage could end up costing Brits
Labour to order landlords to fix ‘cold and leaky’ homes
Darling hints he may stand down as MP
Balls vows to slash PM’s pay day after election

The Telegraph

It would be bonkers to rewrite the constitution overnight
UK should be ready to commit ground troops against Isil, says Tony Blair
Labour has not learnt the lessons of the past
Labour faces accusations of u-turn after pledging to cap child benefit
Tory police chief cuts 400 officers from the PM’s local force

Daily Events

House of Commons
– N/A

House of Lords
– N/A

European Parliament
– The President’s diary
16:00, Meeting with Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council – Paul-Henri Spaak building, 9th floor, President’s office
15:00 – 18:30 Committee on Foreign Affairs
15:00 – 18:30 Budgetary Control Committee
15:00 – 18:30 Committee on Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
15:00 – 18:30 Committee on Regional Development
15:00 – 18:30 Committee on Fisheries

– MANCHESTER: Labour Party conference.
– 1000 LEICESTER: Inquest resuming into Stafford Hospital death.

Local News
Scientist picked to fight MP for Wantage seat
– Havering to be asked: Do you want free parking?
– Port of Tilbury stowaways: UKIP’s Tim Aker is adamant: “Send them back


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