City A.M

Ken Clark blames Conservative attempts to imitate Ukip for loss in Rochester and Strood 

Will humans be replaced by robots? They might take some of our jobs, but they’ll also create new ones

– Theresa May says the Conservatives may miss their immigration targets, but how high is UK immigration?


Daily Mail

Editorial: Tories ignore the rise of Ukip at their peril 

Influx of migrants raises standards in schools, says top Tory: Education minister believes ability to speak two languages makes pupils more academic

– Outrage at Left-wing blogger’s sick tweet saying Cameron should resign for using his ‘dead son’ as a front to privatise NHS

Is NHS hiding data on scale of A&E crisis? Fears Government is concealing levels of overcrowding after key figures are not published

Labour big guns turn on Ed Miliband saying the row over sneering tweets has weakened his election chances


The Express

Editorial: Immigrants should learn to speak English language

Gordon Brown to stand down as MP at general election

Ukip plans Russell Brand style ‘purple revolution’ to attract younger voters

– Mark Reckless: Tories cannot beat us 

The night Ukip return kitchen sink to David Cameron as Farage celebrates victory

NHS hires nurses to translate for patients

Ban benefits for five years to halt tide of migrants, PM is told


Financial Times

Editorial: How to respond to new patterns of world trade 

– Alistair Darling warns over bad deal on Scotland’s devolved tax

– Theresa May admits targeted cuts in UK immigration ‘unlikely

Osborne pressed to reform taxes or see UK oil and gas decline


The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on low pay and migrant workers: better pay and fairer workplaces would help to beat Ukip

Editorial: The Guardian view on Ofsted’s reports: exam results are not the only measure of a school’s success

– Theresa May will amend law to close terror ransom loophole

– Ed Miliband announces new measures to tackle rogue employment agencies

Liberal Democrat councillor fights child-risk allegations

– Tom Watson accused of manipulating two Labour leadership elections 


The Independent

Editorial: A greener Britain: Politics would benefit from a stronger Green presence

Editorial: The new poor: The social demography of poverty in modern Britain is changing fast  and tackling it will take more than slogans

– Rochester aftermath: Labour backbencher’s call to arms against party’s ‘north London set’

– Green Party Caroline Lucas interview: ‘We could be on the edge of something very big

Child abuse cases are ‘tip of the iceberg’ in sexual exploitation of young people, warns Theresa May


The Sun

Editorial: THERESA May’s admission that the Government has failed to reduce immigration states the bleeding obvious.

WELL done Tesco for being the first big firm to stump up cash for our campaign to build a memorial to our desert war heroes.

Snub to energy moans 

500,000 have their dole cut 

Plan to raise £100m selling inns and clubs

The Telegraph

Editorial: Iran’s nuclear D-Day 

Editorial: Don’t hold back on keeping Britain safe

– Owen Paterson calls on David Cameron to say he would quit the EU

Banning migrants from in-work benefits would reduce financial incentive to move to Britain, study concludes

The white van that caused yet another car crash for Miliband

Price of oven gloves and marigolds to rise because of ‘bonkers’ EU 


The Times

Editorial: Footballers as role models? It’s enough to make you weep

– Revealed: shocking cost of divorce for children 

How the EU silences our voice in the world



– 0700 LONDON: NHS staff in England and Northern Ireland to go on strike.

– 0900 LONDON: Met Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley launching counter-terrorism awareness week.

– 1030 LONDON: Owen Paterson speech on Britain and the EU.

– 1100 LONDON: Theresa May is giving a speech on counter-terrorism.

– 1145 LONDON: Nick Clegg press conference.

– 1630 LONDON: Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie give evidence to Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee.

– 1800 LONDON: Margaret Hodge speech on reconnecting politics with communities.

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