Daily Telegraph

– Spain and Belgium ‘would veto an independent Scotland’s EU membership

Ban junk mail companies from accessing electoral roll, councils say

– John Bercow faces sex discrimination claim over top job

Daily Express

– Outrage as French President Francois Hollande blames Britain for rise of IS jihadists

New Jihadist threat poised to unleash terror on our streets

Only 25% of fugitive migrants on the run are captured

Wind farms get £70m to do NOTHING

Daily Mail

So much for healthy eating! Hospital sells 800-calorie ‘heart attack pie’ stuffed with bacon, sausage, black pudding, egg and beans – next to the cardiac ward

Fine drunks who abuse A&E staff £50, says minister: He wants spot penalties to end ‘hospital war zones’

– Losing white lines from the road ‘cuts speeding’ because lack of markers makes drivers more cautious

– No, Prime Minister, you can’t handle the Iraq crisis from your BlackBerry: Poll shows public are unhappy with Cameron’s short break from surfing

Governor at school linked to the Trojan Horse plot ‘hired guards to bar staff bought in after Ofsted inspection’

The Times

– Eurozone’s weak members are delivering the wrong kind of export

– Cameron to threaten EU with British exit

– “Dithering” Hollande faces rebellion over his economic policy

– How Miliband ignited firestorm that threatens to engulf Big Six

Economy remains on life support, says Cable

– Policy, purpose, position. One isn’t enough, Ed

The Guardian

– Universities and the 2015 election: gulf between big parties widens

– Councils in poorest areas suffering biggest budget cuts, Labour says

– Liberal Democrats plan to back £1,000 pupil premium

The Independent

– UKIP: ‘Mortified at beheading (Nigel Farage Video)

– Cable urges workers to make his zero-hours crackdown watertight

– New patient privacy threat at sexual health clinics

Overhaul childcare funding to ensure best quality service, says major new report

– Little libraries aim to make a big, big difference

Financial Times

– Alex Salmond faces pressure on currency and Scottish prospects

– Mid-sized UK companies ignore exports, says survey

– Environmental groups build case against runway in southeast England

The Sun

Scandal we’ll let jihad beasts back in Britain

– Let us P.A.Y.E

– Give us power to blackball cold-callers

Daily Events

– Nick Clegg trade visit to India.

– 2000: Referendum TV debate. First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together leader Alistair Darling debate on the BBC



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