City A.M.
– What does the UK think about other European countries? Russia has fallen in people’s estimations 

Daily Mail
Editorial: Anti-business Labour threatens British jobs 

Sexism row as Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman is turned away from mosque ‘despite being respectfully dressed’ on community outreach day

– The Beckhams, Robbie Williams and Davina McCall among host of top celebrities who could face £26MILLION tax bill after being encouraged to invest in film industry

The Express
Editorial: Inmates’ work will pay off their debt to society

Drug addicts and alcoholics get £435million in sickness benefit

Labour reeling as top business bosses attack polices 

EU migrants’ £110 million jail bill

Call to end free bank accounts

Financial Times
Editorial: Corporate Britain learns to live with political risk

Editorial: The gathering threat to Africa of Boko Haram

Tories would make underperforming schools accept new leadership

Concerns mount over HS2 ‘gravy’ train

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view of Europe’s populists: left or right, they are united by a worrying xenophobia

Editorial: The Guardian view on Syrian refugees: more should be allowed to come to the UK

Conservative education plans branded ‘election gimmicks’

China, Brazil and India still need British aid, say MPs

The Independent
Cameron as caretaker Prime Minister? MPs press for ruling

Tory plan to ring-fence schools budget will push cuts to other areas

– Theresa May’s plans to stop students being drawn to terrorism are in conflict with law, says QC

The Mirror
Coalition government failing targets to get 60,000 extra students into university

Construction job rip-off agencies free to exploit workers because of Government inaction

Labour will plough BILLIONS into the regions for transport, housing and employment

The Sun
Editorial: DAVID Cameron today promises to ramp up the number of schools taken over by super-heads and turned into academies. NEWS of atrocities by Islamic extremists can seem relentlessly depressing and downright terrifying. PRICE comparison firms have shot themselves in the foot. Again. HARD luck to Andy Murray for losing to Novak Djokovic in the Aussie Open for the third time in five years.

– Big YouGov poll of Sun readers gives 7 point lead to Tories. CON 35%, LAB 28%, UKIP 26%, LD 3%, GRN 2%

The Telegraph
Massive expansion of academy programme to be announced by Prime Minister

Three-parent baby technique no more sinister than blood transfusion, says Robert Winston

Winter death toll ‘to exceed 40,000’

The Times
Editorial: Better teaching, not more money, is what schools need

University chiefs scorn Miliband’s fees policy

Taxman targets doctors and lawyers in drive against wealthy middle class

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