City A.M.

– No end in sight as Greek talks roll into another week

– Iain Duncan Smith says David Cameron will not serve full second term

Network Rail privatisation to be discussed by government officials in order to shake off debt burden

Daily Mail

Editorial: An abhorrent threat to the life-long saver

Your pension secrets sold to conmen for five pence: On eve of pensions revolution, an exposé that will horrify every family in the land

We know everything about you: Sinister boast of data boss who says he has 5,000 pieces of personal information on EVERY British family – from your salary to your health products and ages of your children…

No booking in advance GPs tell one million patients: 150 practices introduce new rules as part of cost-cutting drive

We won’t try to balance the budget admits Ed’s election chief as expert warns Labour plans would leave £30billion black hole in economy

The Express

David Cameron vows to win back traditional voters as new poll puts Tories ahead of Labour

Labour plans £3,000 tax bombshell on families to fund spending

Dianne Abbott attacks Labour’s ‘shameful mugs’ on immigration control

Cameron warns of ‘knife edge’ election before launching harsh personal attack on Miliband

Financial Times

Editorial: Saudi intervention risks all-out civil war in Yemen

Cameron aims to reboot Tories’ stumbling start to election fight

Ed Miliband woos business bosses with warning over EU exit risk

Migration research challenges warning of record inflow to UK

The Guardian

– Disgraced former Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock vows to run again

Tories may not reveal details of £12bn welfare cuts until after election

SNP would demand to be consulted by minority Labour government

The Independent

Editorial: The NHS is right to sell off property

– General Election 2015: Conservative voters could defect to Ukip if defence spending is not maintained, former army boss warns

– General Election 2015: Cameron warns a Labour Government would impose average tax rise of £3,028 on every working household by 2020

Majority of voters not convinced by Tory promises to lower immigration to below 100,000

Nigel Farage admits he ‘doesn’t listen to music, watch TV or read’ – and that he’s ‘stretched’ leading Ukip and running to become an MP

The Mirror

Tories know where the welfare axe will fall but they’re not telling voters

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt accused of burying £10 million report setting out NHS cuts

The Sun

87 Beeb bosses paid more than the PM

– PM: Ed will hike tax £14 a week

Our Boys ‘crippled’ by human rights law

Liberal’s ‘cash for questions

The Telegraph

Editorial: The world needs a new Arab army

David Cameron to warn voters of £3,000 Labour tax bombshell

– Labour donor: David Cameron has the best economic policies

The Times

Editorial: Tory reticence to spell out benefit cuts could be fatal

‘Creaking’ mental health care keeps children waiting years

Spoon-fed private pupils less able to cope at university

Health staff washing clothes at home risk carrying bacteria back to hospital

British soldiers hindered by fear of European laws


– Dissolution of Parliament.

– LIVERPOOL: Association of Teachers and Lecturers annual conference.

– 1900: Harriet Harman on LBC radio.

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