The Telegraph

– Ukip voters will make Ed Miliband Prime Minister, Labour claims

– People have lost faith in our ability to control immigration, Nick Clegg admits

– Revealed: Whitehall plans to share your private data
– Vladimir Putin is the EU’s ‘recruiting sergeant’, says Boris Johnson

– Afghanistan may not be over for us if the Taliban rebuild, says general

– What about us? Nigel Farage rages about lack of Ukip peers in House of Lords

The Express

– Travelling EU ‘circus’ costs taxpayers £91m a year

– Pensions shake-up: Millions of savers shut out of ‘pensions revolution’ by punishing fees

– Riot police sent to clear out camp of migrants bound for UK

The Independent

– Ed Miliband warned of Ukip threat to Labour

– Local council budgets slashed nearly a third

– Boris Johnson set to endorse report backing Britain’s exit from EU

The Sun

– BoJo knows Tories need a Winnie to win

– Home Office chiefs have given up on 745 deportation cases because of ‘idiotic’ laws

The Guardian

– Ukip youth wing in fighting form at Young Independence conference

– Nick Clegg to call for tighter controls on immigration from new EU state

– Boris Johnson: EU exit better option than staying in unreformed union

Daily Mail

– Calais in crisis over UK-bound migrants

– We’ve lost the faith of public on immigration, says Clegg

The Times

Clegg joins calls for limit on EU workers

– Over-50 ‘superboomers’ rewrite retirement rules

– Treatment target will be missed, NHS admits

City AM

– Immigration is “good for London” and caps “likely to be damaging” to UK economy

– The UK should “not be frightened” of leaving the EU – Boris Johnson

Financial Times

– Radical pension plan pitched to UK government


– Anniversary of Britain’s declaration of war on Germany (1914)​

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