City A.M.
City warns of triple threat to its future 

Conservative and Labour General Election campaign posters- in pictures 

Daily Mail
Editorial: Let MPs speak from the heart on Europe

Five-year parliament law is a ‘recipe for political horse-trading‘ and must be ditched, top Tory tells David Cameron

The Express
– Nigel Farage: Ban doctors and nurse who can’t speak ‘very good English’ from NHS

David Cameron signals he could bow to pressure and rush forward in/out EU vote

EU bureaucrats put a damper on the Sunday roast 

Migrant killers and rapists could be flooding into Britain

– Fears cherished Battle of Britain memorial will close as Government AXES funding

Financial Times
Editorial: Britain’s election year may belong to the fringes 

Access to emergency care in need of urgent redesign

NHS chief warns of ‘public backlash’ over spending 

UK hostility to migrants threatens London, says report

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on general election year: a serious choice for Britain

Editorial: The Guardian view on UK energy policy: the limits of the market

Parties target older voters at expense of young, says Labor’s Sadiq Khan

General election top concern for UK companies in 2015

The Independent
– Tory councillor Mark Winn says food banks are only used by ‘those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems

– Nigel Farage: Ukip would get rid of foreign NHS workers who ‘can’t speak English properly’

The Sun
Editorial: HERE’S a simple message from The Sun to the two main parties, four months before the next election: Stop lying to us. DAVID Cameron’s promise to maintain troop numbers while slashing defence spending means our Armed Forces will have to make do with even less. THE courage and selflessness of nurse Pauline Cafferkey are truly incredible.

NHS gets 6,000 private cases

– Immigration… all quiet on the Western front 

Low-cost oil is here to stay says industry boss

– SENIOR Labour MP John Mann today calls on Ed Miliband to go for a drive with a White Van Man – or face losing the election.

The Telegraph
Editorial: More scare stories from Labour about the NHS

Editorial: Halting the ghost ships 

Editorial: On the wagon

What will the Germans do for us?

– Nigel Farage: ‘I am a boozer, not an alcoholic’ 

Vote LibDem for another Coalition, Nick Clegg says

Spending on military could fall after general election, David Cameron admits

The Times
Editorial: The Scrooge state? No, the government is Lady Bountiful 

Cameron woos Ukip with fast-track vote on Europe

Doctors attack quick-fix plan for more gastric bands to fight obesity

Greek exit won’t threaten the eurozone, says Germany

Universities refuse to reveal how they spend students’ £9,000 fees

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