– Political pressure from UKIP has prevented the Scottish police from regularly carrying glock automatic pistols admits Chief Constable for Scotland
Medway Councillor joins UKIP
Let’s get it straight on Human Rights

City A.M.
Ebola in the UK, what’s the risk? By the end of the month it could be as high as 50pc

Daily Mail
Poorer pupils ‘should jump schools queue’: Plan would punish middle classes
Internet troll who targeted McCanns found dead in hotel room days after fleeing home when she was revealed to be behind online campaign of vitriol
House prices set to fall in 2015: Economic group says values will hit ‘turning point’ after three years of rises

The Express
UK ‘should be allowed to limit migrants in exchange for staying in EU’
– Farage on Friday: Cameron’s speech may have been ‘Ukip Lite’ – but he won’t deliver
Clegg will send taxes soaring should Lib Dems be elected

The Guardian
Nick Clegg tells Lib Dems to brutalise Tories over tax
– Ed Miliband’s omission of deficit from speech was a mistake, says Ed Balls
Councils will slash emergency welfare schemes if ministers cut £175m grant
– Nick Clegg pledges to build new garden cities between Oxford and Cambridge

The Independent
– John Prescott attacks ‘timid’ Ed Miliband as shock poll puts Tories ahead of Labour
– Mick Cash interview: Disillusioned with Labour, RMT union chief plots a new party for the left
– 2015 General Election: Will the next election be the first to be dominated by social media?

The Sun
– ‘Queen would have to pay Mansion Tax
– Lib Dem MP: I don’t see Ed as a Prime Minister
Schools could soon be made to teach CPR
– Nick: I’ll terminate Tory plans on human rights privileges
Green Taxes hampering British business

The Telegraph
Farmers fear fracking could spell financial ruin
– Social mobility tsar: 60,000 children a year being failed by poor schools
Defence is vital
Seven mad policies proposed by the Liberal Democrats
Seven reasons why the 2015 general election will be a five-horse race

The Times
Green light for relatives to spy on care homes
Clegg facing collapse in youth vote at election
NHS is at breaking point, warn leading health groups
– Minister calls for quotas on EU migrants

– GLASGOW: Liberal Democrat conference.
– 1000 HOVE: Councillor who sparked outrage following a tweet which branded soldiers “hired killers” on Armed Forces Day to appear before Standards Panel.
– 1100 LONDON: NICE press conference on multiple sclerosis.

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