City A.M.
Osborne sets sights on pensioner votes

Daily Mail
Editorial: How not to help firms succeed, by Red Ed

– Old people auctioned off to care homes on the internet: Anger over ‘cattle markets for grannies‘ as councils accept lowest bids to save cash

Police on the beat told to not try and solve crimes: Officers will spend patrols chatting – not making arrests

Is the cost of fish and chips set to rise as cod prices take a battering? Wholesale value of the fish leaps by 25% in a year

– Swarming around hero Monty, the hardline Muslims protesting AGAINST freedom of speech: Thousands gather outside Downing Street over ‘uncivilised’ Charlie Hebdo cartoonists

Hospitals are told to stop gagging NHS whistleblowers: Report demands NHS does more to end ‘cover-up culture’ as needless deaths hit 1,000 a month

The Express
David Cameron warned to hold EU referendum as soon as possible

David Cameron George Osborne blast ‘chaotic’ Ed Miliband 

How to increase State pension payout: Millions offered £100-a-month boost for life

Financial Times
‘Internet Asbos’ for people who spread hatred online

Miliband runs into business fury over paternity leave

Tax havens hit back at Labour blacklist threat

Lack of interest in English mayors holds up push to devolve power

The Guardian
Editorial: The Guardian view on business in politics: Ed Miliband fights back 

Editorial: Britain isn’t buying everything in TTIP

– George Osborne accused of buying votes with market-beating ‘pensioner bonds’

Tory reform of planning law ‘will ruin London’s social mix’

Labour would double childcare places at Sure Start centres, says Tristram Hunt

The Independent

– Robert Buckland: Tory law officer has money in film partnership that is being investigated by HMRC

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be allowed to veto a UK exit of the EU, says Plaid Cymru leader

The Mirror
George Osborne’s £15MILLION tax cut for Tory backers

Will the Green party turn Red to make a swoop for power like Greeks?

Tax avoiding Tory fatcats toast David Cameron behind closed doors at gold-plated dinner

The Sun
Editorial: ANOTHER day, another sign of Labour in turmoil. MACHETES must be banned. Their sickening use in violent attacks is growing and there is no reason for allowing them to be sold over the counter in Britain. LAND of milk and honey? We’re now the land that spends millions fixing the rotting gums of sweet-toothed illegal immigrants. LOOK out America – here comes Eddie.

NEARLY 40 Labour MPs are employing staff on zero-hours contracts – despite leader Ed Miliband blasting bosses who use them

Osborne plans for a Greek exit meltdown

MINISTERS were yesterday urged to stand up to Russia with long-term investment in Britain’s Armed Forces.

The Telegraph
Editorial: Appeasement in Europe has a grim precedent

Editorial: Fair returns for savers

Billions more for new schools – despite doubts about speed of work

Abortion on grounds of gender must be outlawed, religious groups say

The Times
Editorial: Westminster should not be stuffed with private school MPs

HSBC ‘helped customers to hide millions from taxman’

Jail threat for NHS bosses who lie about poor care

We arrest one terror suspect every day, says Scotland Yard 

– The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) releases its UK infrastructure manifesto.
– 0930 GLASGOW: Core Cities devolution summit. The leaders and mayors of the UK’s eight biggest economies outside London to call for more “freedom” for cities.
– 1215 LONDON: Embargoed press briefing on Commons standards system.

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