City AM

– Cable plots to fine raiders for broken takeover vows 

– Adrian Pepper: Sunday trading laws are outdated: They hurt us consumers in our wallets 

Daily Telegraph

– Farage hints at UKIP election deal with Tories 

– PM pledges £1.1bn to fight cyber terrorists (also in The Times)

– David Cameron: £1.1bn to make the Armed Forces fit for the 21st century 

Power grab for taxman criticised as sinister 

– Enter the minister for TV: women await call in Cameron reshuffle (also in Daily Mail)

– Tuition fees for English students could be illegal in a separate Scotland

– Scotland ‘would miss out on oil and gas tax’ 

Merkel ‘is planning to quit ahead of election’ – UN Secretary-General or European council president become available in 2017


Daily Express

– NHS to claw back migrants’ £500m 

– Leo McKinstry: Strikes may have failed but unions still boss Labour


Daily Mail

Schools raiding their own budgets to fund Clegg’s free lunches 

– Church at war in row over assisted dying

– Friends find a 300lb blue fin tuna worth £650,000 floating off the Cornish coast. . . but they can’t cash in because of EU conservation rules

EU red tape ‘squeezes £600 out of our pensions’


The Times

– Drones tipped for role in disaster relief 

– Cable gets tough on foreign takeover bids 

Benefit claimants who are anxious and depressed may be forced to have therapy

– Law Society of Scotland want referendum answers – BBC has similar story


The Guardian

UK bid for new surveillance condemned by Snowden 

Cameron under fire as Assad arms supplier comes to British air show

Home Office accessing NHS records to track immigrants


The Independent

Andrea Leadsom MP got £70,000 donation from family firm in tax haven 

Lack of foreign-language skills ‘threatens the economy’


The Sun

– Trevor Kavanagh: Red Ed’s dammed by union dinosaurs


House of Commons

– Home Secretary Theresa May before the Home Affairs committee

– DWP officials before select committee on delivery of the Work Programme. Robert Devereux, Permanent Secretary, Matt Thurstan, Senior Responsible Officer for the Work Programme and Mike Driver, Finance Director General.

– Rail Regulator gives evidence to Commons Transport Committee on investment in the railway.

– Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd before the Public Administration Committee. The minister will be questioned about the accountability of quangos and public bodies.

House of Lords

– Oral Questions. Improving the early diagnosis, and raising awareness, of dementia

– Oral Questions. By how much public sector net borrowing has fallen between 2009-10 and 2013-14; forecast for the current financial year



– Firefighters strike. Members of the FBU in Wales and England will strike between 6am and 8am and again from 5pm to 7pm in their long running dispute over pensions.

– 0930 YORK: General Synod of Church of England meets. Vote on final approval for legislation introducing women bishops to take place expected at around 1700. Time not fixed and could take place earlier. Latest possible moment 1800.

– 1030 LONDON: Open court hearing over security service surveillance. Proceedings before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal relate to the concerns of a number of organisations that their private communications may have been monitored under GCHQ’s electronic surveillance programme Tempora, whose existence was revealed by Edward Snowden.

– 1600 LONDON: Michael Moore MP speech on his backbench bill to enshrine 0.7% aid target in law at the IPPR

– 1900 LONDON: Harriet Harman phone-in on LBC 97.3 radio.



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