City A.M.

– Scottish independence: Large crowds protest against perceived BBC and Nick Robinson bias


Daily Mail

– Queen’s stark warning over Scottish independence vote: Monarch finally speaks out as she tells voter to ‘think very carefully about the future’ 

– The £14billion financial black hole in Alex Salmond’s finance plan: Prominent think-tank issues stark warning over the ‘huge risks in oil, pensions and tax’ for an independent Scotland

Ban Scots MPs from voting on tax and NHS, say Tories as unrest in Westminster over ‘devo max’ grows

– When WILL it be published? Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq War inquiry might be delayed beyond 2015 election as Whitehall still doesn’t know what it can and can’t reveal his


The Express

Soaring house prices means only the rich will own homes warn experts

– We will DESTROY Jihadi ‘monsters’ vows PM

Small firms boom but shopper numbers fall

– Gov is ‘ignoring plight of pensioners’ and unprepared for ageing population 


Financial Times

– Sir Ian Cheshire rejects offer of top Whitehall job 

– Call to devolve powers to English cities 


The Guardian

– Isis: world leaders gather in Paris as UK edges towards military action

Phones 4u goes into administration – with 5,600 jobs at risk

– UK children’s heart surgery plans aim to end decade of wrangling

– Sweden set for minority-left government as far right makes gains


The Independent

Isis should be called the ‘Un-Islamic State’: British Muslims call on David Cameron to stop spread of extremist propaganda

– Scottish independence: The Queen breaks silence on referendum debate – as think tank warns of £14bn black hole if Scotland votes Yes


The Sun

– Labour’s NHS tax warning 

– Air con energy waste…at Ministry of ENERGY
– Nurse victim of postcode lottery NHS


The Telegraph

– B&Q boss mocks Alex Salmond’s ‘grand conspiracy’ claim

– Teenagers defy the stereotype that they are boozing, fornicating, drug-taking layabouts


The Times

– Cameron loses key EU ally as Sweden turns left

– MI5 identify Jihadi John but cannot act

– Cameron will ask UN to agree airstrikes against Islamic State


House of Commons

– 2:15pm – Room 5, Palace of Westminster, High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill
European Parliament

– 17:00 Strasbourg, PLENARY SESSION
– 18:30, Strasbourg, Bureau

– 19:00, Strasbourg, Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs


– LONDON: Home Affairs Committee will publish “Her Majesty’s Passport Office: delays in processing applications” under embargo to 0001 on Tuesday September 16.

– PARIS: Philip Hammond attending international conference on tackling Islamic State.

– LONDON: The House of Commons is in recess for the referendum and conference season. The House will next sit on Monday, October 13.

– 1900 LONDON: Harriet Harman phone-in on LBC 97.3 radio.

Local News

– Clacton: Ukip is ready to rock politics

Clacton Rock










– UKIP candidate admits ousting MP is ‘big task’

– UKIP’s chosen man for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport seat will “scrap” Tamar Bridge toll ​ 

– Parties on the campaign trail in West Thurrock and South Stifford 

– Former Sutton GP to stand for top UKIP job

– The gloves are off in the Heywood and Middleton by-election as Danczuk slams UKIP for ‘shameful opportunism’ 

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