Sky News
– ISIS Insurgents Declare New Islamic State. ISIS announces an Islamic state straddling Iraq and Syria, as the group is locked in intense fighting with Iraqi troops in Tikrit.


City AM
– Cameron’s risky EU stance yet to convince voters

– Allie Rennison: Cameron’s Juncker defeat may be good for EU reform


Daily Telegraph
I can still do business with Juncker, insists Cameron

– David Cameron: ‘The Jucker defeat is not a fatal blow. Britain will champion change in Europe

– Prince of Wales’ battles for grammar schools (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail)

– Boris: give people a stake in shale  and Boris Johnson column:

– Pledge to scrap jobless benefits is empty policy, says Jon Cruddas (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail)


Daily Express
– Cameron says he ‘will give Juncker a chance

– Tories’ bid to return weekly bin collections

Migrants miking benefits to be kicked out of Britain

– Leo McKinstry: Germany’s march to control Europe is now relentless


Daily Mail
– Well done! Now PM congratulates Juncker

– Serbs hire Mandelson as adviser – because Blair costs too much

Will Tories merge income tax and NI? Osborne considering plans for Tory manifesto for 2015 Election

Police probe Lib Dem cash for peerage allegations


The Times
Osborne’s grand plan to join up tax systems. Bid to merge NI and income tax

Cameron buries hatchet to woo Juncker on EU reform

– Tories face battle on two fronts in general election

– Rob Ford, Ian Warren: The map of politics has been redrawn with very different kinds of discontent

– Secondary schools ‘fail poor pupils


The Guardian
– Labour offers olive branch to business. Balls unveils plans for tax breaks as Cruddas despairs at party leadership

Ministry wastes £56m on IT work duplicated by another department

– Chris Huhne: On Europe, the Tories have put party ahead of country


The Independent
– Cameron’s ’empty threat‘ to the EU

Radical Tory tax plan spells end of national insurance


Financial Times
Germany pledges to keep UK in Europe

Labour to pledge corporate tax rise


The Sun
– Trevor Kavanagh: If UK abandons ship, EU will sink


Daily Events

House of Commons
– Oral Questions. Communities and Local Government, including Topical Questions
– Statement – Mr David Cameron. EU Council
– Public Accounts Select Committee. Assurance to Parliament on funding for local authorities – Sir Bob Kerslake, Permanent Secretary, Department for Communities and Local Government

House of Lords
– Orders and Regulations/ Anonymous Registration (Northern Ireland) (No. 2) Order 2014
– Orders and Regulations. Donations to Candidates (Anonymous Registration) Regulations 2014
– Orders and Regulations. European Parliamentary Elections (Anonymous Registration) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2014
– Orders and Regulations. Northern Ireland Assembly (Elections) (Amendment) Order 2014
– Orders and Regulations. Representation of the People (Northern Ireland) (Amendment) Regulations 2014

– EDINBURGH: On the record media briefing with UK Energy Minister Michael Fallon. He will be leading the briefing from Edinburgh, with a live video link to London. Edinburgh-based broadcasters are invited to interview the minister before or after the briefing. The briefing itself is off-camera. ​



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