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City A.M.

– Ukip party conference 2014: Three reasons Ukip might have the best brand in politics.

– Could Ukip really be the ”second party of the north after Labour” like Farage claims?

– Nigel Farage’s conference speech: Here’s what you need to know.

Daily Mail

– 20 per cent off your first home: Tories offer first-time buyers under 40 special discount.

– Poles demand millions from Britain to pay their benefits: Eastern European governments want cash for returning migrants. ​
– NHS will pay full £60,000 bill for Ashya’s treatment: Pioneering proton therapy will be used to tackle five-year-old’s brain tumour. ​
– Tory minister: We shouldn’t be scared of quitting the EU: Culture Secretary Sajid Javid says leaving Europe could create ‘opportunities’ for Britain .

– Living in comfort in a holiday hotel (at taxpayers’ expense), the Calais lorry migrants: Eritrean asylum seekers say they are looking forward to a life in Britain.

The Express


Financial Times

– Farage reaches out to the ‘squeezed middle’.

– Labour demands clarity on UK pensions shake-up.

The Guardian

– Nigel Farage blames Labour’s political correctness for Rotherham scandal.

– David Cameron offers 20% discount on new homes.

– The Guardian view on Ukip conference: Nigel Farage’s phoney flutter.

– Point-scoring not pint-sinking at Ukip conference.

– MPs give backing to air strikes in Iraq – but wonder where intervention will lead.

The Independent

– Government accused of forcing unemployed into ‘financial black hole’ under new benefits rules.

– Ukip party conference: Party ditches the grumpy label and reaches out to Mr Angry.

– Ukip conference: Nigel Farage claims Rotherham child abuse scandal was ‘direct result’ of Labour policies.

– Ukip party conference: Labour accused of ‘sacrificing the innocence of children’ in Rotherham. 

– Nigel Farage claims voting system in Labour heartlands is ‘riddled with fraud’.

The Sun

– PM warns it’ll take ‘more than 3yrs to end I.S.’

– 100k starter homes.

– Farage blames Ed for Asian sex gangs.

– Nigel Farage all set for party conference.

The Telegraph

– Britain goes to war against Isil.

– Chris Grayling: Europe will no longer rule our courts.

– Nigel Farage promises Ukip ‘tanks on Labour’s lawn’.

– Nigel Farage: Ukip is parking tanks on Labour’s lawn in Doncaster. 

– Douglas Carswell: doesn’t it feel great to be part of Ukip?

– Nigel Farage woos working class voters with ‘wag tax’.

– Ukip in bid to supplant Labour as party of NHS.

The Times

– Tornados armed and ready to strike against Islamic State.

– The home truth behind Miliband’s master plan.

– May promises more cash and powers to tackle child sex abuse.

– Taxman gets new power to recover up to £17,000 from debtors’ salaries.

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