Make sure you tune into Nigel Farage’s big speech today at around 11:30am, we are expecting it to be covered live on BBC News and Sky News, it will cover some of the topics in this piece Nigel has written for the Telegraph today.

YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by one: CON 32%, LAB 33%, LD 7%, UKIP 15%, GRN 7%

City A.M.

PMQs descends into mud-slinging match as Cameron and Miliband attempt to distance themselves from HSBC tax taint.

Greece Eurogroup meeting: Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis lists four key principles for renegotiation.

Daily Mail

Editorial: Whistleblowers and public’s right to know.

Charlie Hebdo’s UK distributor gave police list of stockists ‘in case of community tensions’ … then officers went to newsagents to demand names of customers who bought it.

Lunar-cy! India gets enough cash in British aid to allow it to send a £250million rocket to the moon… even though government promised to stop it.

The Express

Ed Miliband threatened with legal action over Lord Fink ‘tax dodger’ claims.

Whitehall ‘is blocking bid to cut immigration’ claims report.

Farage: Ukip is the only party that truly believes in Britain.

Smoking in cars with children to be outlawed this year.

David Cameron reveals he could hold a referendum as early as next year. 

Financial Times

Editorial: The west needs to rescue the Ukrainian economy.

UK corporate tax not top of G20 league table, says Oxford study.

Ed Miliband attacks David Cameron’s ‘dodgy donors’.

Nicola Sturgeon calls for £180bn extra UK spending.

Lib Dems pledge extra spending on education and health.

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on whistleblowers: heroes working in the public interest.

Editorial: The Guardian view on second world war commemorations: don’t leave Dresden out of the story.

Nick Clegg to lay down key demands in coalition negotiations.

Harriet Harman’s pink bus tour gets off to a bumpy start.

Google search data ‘could predict election results’.

Michael Gove rejects claims car trips wasted taxpayers’ money.

The Independent

Editorial: How hospitals treat whistleblowers should be made public.

Editorial: On the sidelines: As crises grip Europe, the solutions our partners are striving for lack any meaningful contribution from Britain.

Lib Dem manifesto: Party makes education its top election priority.

Labour pledges to cap class sizes for 5 to 7-year-olds at 30.

Two-thirds of judges feel their six-figure salary is too low.

Nick Ferrari takes trade union boss Steve Hedley off air after he asks LBC host: ‘Have you stopped beating your wife?’ 

The Mirror

UKIP split as opinion divided over doctors, fox hunting and HIV.

Calls for change after help for children in crisis costs taxpayer £17bn a year.

Britain’s child sex crime is the ‘worst’ new head of abuse inquiry has ever seen.

The Sun

Editorial: RICH men with Swiss bank accounts have bankrolled both Labour and the Tories. It’s not illegal. WE have known for years how an ingrained NHS culture of secrecy and bullying led to horrific blunders. AUSTERITY has failed, claims SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, and it is time to borrow £180billion more. TRAINS should have had free wifi for years. It shouldn’t be a luxury in 2015

WHISTLEBLOWING nurses and doctors are so depressed by NHS managers’ bullying they have been taken to the verge of suicide, a devastating new report reveals.

The Telegraph

Lib Dems reveal front page of manifesto.

Juncker torpedoes David Cameron’s plan to rework EU treaties.

Tory treasurer threatens to sue Ed Miliband over tax row.

Nigel Farage: No coalition with any of the main political parties.

The Times

Tories ready to give Lib Dems a mauling in southwest heartland.

Cyberattack could cripple £6bn aircraft carriers.

Britain leads Europe on sending rapists to jail. 

UKIP Website

Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle on how Britain is turning its back on #JeSuisCharlie.

MoD Official – “Ukraine could count on any possible assistance in the pursuit of the Ukrainian independence” – UKIP’s Mike Hookem Demands Answers.

The EU is the enemy of democracy and if Greece stands firm, the free world will applaud them. 


– 0900: Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson on LBC radio. Call Clegg 0900-0930 followed by Ask Boris 0930-100.

– 0930: Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) releases arrears and repossessions figures.

– 0930 LONDON: Launch of Channel4 UKIP drama. The show, UKIP: The First 100 Days, imagines what would happen if UKIP wins the election

– 1015 LONDON: Nicky Morgan (1015) and Tristram Hunt (1600) speeches to the Early Intervention Foundation National Conference.

– 1030 LONDON: Bank of England publishes its quarterly GDP and inflation forecasts.

– 1030 LONDON: Grant Shapps speech. The Tory chairman will give a speech on free trade.

– 1100 BRUSSELS: David Cameron to attend European Council.

– 1110 LONDON: Meeting of UK and French foreign and defence ministers.

– 1130 OXFORD: Nick Clegg press conference and visit re Lib Dem manifesto.

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