YouGov/Sun poll tonight – Labour lead by three: CON 32%, LAB 35%, LD 7%, UKIP 15%, GRN 6%

City A.M.

– Banks set for lawsuit storm.

– Yvette Cooper has David Cameron running scared, so could she be Labour’s next leader?

Daily Mail

– Why aren’t crooked bankers in prison? As our banks are fined £2bn for fixing currency rates, clamour grows for dozens of traders to face prosecution. ​

– Labour MPs cheered jokes about lynching a female Tory minister and killing a royal at sick alternative poppy day ‘comedy’ night. 

– NHS must save £10bn a year, warns Hunt: Health Secretary tells health chiefs to cut agency staff and sell off land. 

– Cameron’s foreign aid pledge is bizarre, says Hammond: Foreign Secretary questions PM’s pledge to pass law that will see billions spent. ​

The Express

– New woeful poll figures deliver new blow for Ed Miliband.

– EU President Jean-Claude Juncker faces growing calls to resign over tax scandal.

– ‘I’ll support anyone who helps my country’ Farage refuses to rule out deal with Ed.

Financial Times

– Top business figures call for London airports decision.

– Cameron woos overseas big spenders with expanded visa service.

– Cameron tax cut vow shakes Treasury.

– Tory foreign policy comes under attack from Lib Dems minister.

– Police to share DNA database with Europe’s forces.

The Guardian

– Embattled Miliband vows to challenge Britain’s ‘zero-zero’ economy.

– Rochester byelection: a civil war on the right fuelled by immigration and elitism.

– Costly cancer drugs may be cut from special funding list. 

The Independent

– Nigel Farage caught on video suggesting the NHS should be run privately.

– Ed Miliband goes on the offensive to win back wavering voters.

– 260,000 people sign petition to include Green Party in election debates.

– Only 13% of public believe Miliband is ready to govern – but at least Tony Blair backs him.

The Sun

– Crisis-hit Ed mounts yet another relaunch.

– Plans to shield expense cheat MPs slammed.

– May to meet abuse survivors days after PM dismissed them.

– British warships ‘could be built overseas’.

– Salmond: I could do my bit for parts of England.

The Telegraph

– Law to protect foreign aid rejected by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

– Ed Miliband claims he is now a ‘wealth creator’. 

– Britain must now curb migrant tax credits, Iain Duncan Smith says.

The Times

– Patients told to go online in radical NHS reform. 

– Lord chief justice condemns creeping secrecy in trials.

– Nigel Farage caught on video calling for privately run NHS



– ​SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: David Cameron arrives in Australia.

– BIRMINGHAM: Nick Clegg to attend the National Apprenticeship Awards.

– 0845 LONDON: The Minister for Pakistan, Tobias Ellwood and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, to open the UK-Pakistan Energy Dialogue.

– 0930: Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) releases its arrears and repossessions figres for the third quarter of 2014.

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