City AM

– Carney: No rate hike to cool house prices

– Euro bank mulls action to push rates negative

Weak industry figures spark Eurozone woe

Daily Telegraph

Tories will miss target for net migration, minister admits (also in Daily Mail)

Matt Cartoon features UKIP

850 foreign offenders in British jails because they can’t be deported (also in The Sun)

Editorial cartoon features Nigel Farage

Daily Express

– EU influx soaring as another 167,000 get jobs in Britain incl comment from Nigel Farage (article not online)

– Leo McKinstry: Don’t be fooled by a tiny drop in EU migration figures

Brick attack on UKIP MEP in new raid by ‘Left thugs’

Daily Mail

– Stephen Glover: Max Mosley and a chilling Euro ruling that ANYONE can airbrush their history… however damning it is

The Times

– Tories ‘broke financial interest rule

Cameron orders every Tory MP to Newark

– David Aaronovitch: Free speecht must trump the right to privacy

– Ross Clark: If you want Take That to pay tax simplify the tax system

– Editorial cartoon features Nigel Farage

The Guardian

– Flag-waving, defections and gaffes: how UKIP fared after election win (feature on UKIP Cllrs)

– Ukip has lost almost one in 10 county councillors who won seats in 2013 (despite headline some complimentary content within article)

– Seamus Milne: Only left populism can halt the rise of Europe’s far right

The Independent

Fewer Bulgarians, fewer Romanians: the “truth” about UKIP’s flood

Editorial cartoon features Nigel Farage

Osborne’s tax avoidance boast based on ‘dodgy statistics’

– Andreas Whittam Smith: I’d rather break of a lifetime than cast a vote in this pointless European election. The Parliament just doesn’t work

– Juncker vs Schultz: the battle that should be captivating Europe

Financial Times

‘Prince of darkness’ plots EU parliament power grab

Inside Europe’s Plan Z. How the euro was saved

The Sun

Move to UK and feel the benefits ​

Daily Events

House of Commons

– Oral Questions. Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, including Topical Questions; Church Commissioners, Public Accounts Commission and the Speaker’s Committee on the Electoral Commission

– Pupils at Risk of Educational Disadvantage Bill – Second reading – Chris Skidmore

– Smoke Alarms (Private Rented Sector) Bill – Second reading – Nick Raynsford

– Prohibition of Unpaid Internships Bill – Second reading – Alec Shelbrooke

House of Lords

– No business announced


– Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) releases its lending trends figures for March.

– 1100 LONDON: Electoral Commission releases regular party donations figures.

– 1800 LONDON: Sadiq Khan speech on tackling race inequality. Operation Black Vote.

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