YouGov/Sun: Lab 34%, Con 32%, UKIP 15%, Green 7%, Lib 6%

City A.M.

Eurozone gets green light for full on money printing plan.

UK can be the richest major economy in the world says George Osborne.

Daily Mail

Editorial: Shaker Aamer’s case remains a 13-year affront to Western civilization.

£277,000 legal aid for police killer… which even helped him whine about his ‘uncomfy cell’: Widow brands decision to give him public money ‘absolutely disgraceful’.

Our £300m bill for flying foreign criminals home: Huge bill over past five years as officials struggle to clear backlog of convicts and over-stayers.

Fears over Far-Right revival: Paris attacks and rise of IS could see teenagers drawn to neo-Nazis, report warns.

The Express

Editorial: Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb is an important voice on terror.

Farage warning on ‘Muslim ghettos’.

Cameron denies he is ‘running scared’ from TV debate with Labour, Lib Dem and Ukip leaders.

Taxpayers pay for 4,000 migrant dinners at ‘holiday camp’. 

Financial Times

Editorial: Cameron should not have veto on TV debates.

Tories to reform compulsory purchases.

Labour pledges limits for unhealthy food marketed to children. 

The Guardian

Editorial: The Guardian view on televised election debates: shine the light.

Editorial: The Guardian view on the shortage of school places: Michael Gove’s reforms should be reversed.

Foreign investors buy 80% of homes in Thameside developments.

GPs to be offered £1bn in new funds if they improve access and elderly care.

Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman faces election fraud claims. 

The Independent

Editorial: The wrong lesson: A teenager cannot ‘groom’ a 44-year-old teacher.

One billion could be in extreme poverty by 2030 if world leaders duck big issues, campaign claims.

George Osborne: Future budgets must have surpluses.

NHS staff are working unpaid to help avert a winter A&E crisis.

Paris attacks: Ukip MEP Gerard Batten renews calls for Muslims to sign charter against violence. 

The Mirror

Every A&E misses the four hour treatment target in worst week ever.

Oxford University Press bans pig and sausage references from schoolbooks to avoid offending religious groups.

Al Murray’s Pub Landlord to stand for MP against Nigel Farage: ‘We will leave Europe AND Solar System’.

The Green Surge – the Green Party now has nearly as many members as Ukip.

The Sun

Editorial: George Osborne’s dream of making Britain the world’s richest economy is worthy, if a long way off. it can be hard to march past a shivering beggar without putting a few pence in their empty coffee cup. but we should. IT’S hard to believe, but Nick Clegg was once one of Britain’s most popular people. WE like Al Murray’s Pub Landlord election manifesto.

7 in 10 back PM in Greens TV debate call.

Two more years of rail work misery ahead.

Salmond pays up $50 oil price bet to Sun man. 

The Telegraph

Editorial: Britain must see its leaders debate.

The Tory machine is gearing up to back Boris Johnson as the next leader.

Network Rail bosses could get more than £100,000 in bonuses despite Christmas chaos.

The Times

Editorial: Don’t be fooled: the mansion tax will clobber most of us.

New stealth cameras to trap motorway speeders.

Labour plots huge wind turbine increase. 

UKIP Website

Broadcasters must not buckle to Tory pressure over TV debates. 




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